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How much can you withdraw from atm

how much can you withdraw from atm


Financial Planning with Risk PDF file [May01]

M. A. Milevsky with M. Posner, Money Logic: Financial Strategies for the Smart Investor. Stoddard, 1999, ISBN 0773731717.

We set out to investigate the extent to which [Retirement Income Monte Carlo] RIMC simulators—at least the ones that are widely available to the public—provide different answers to this question: Will my number last. See also: Can You Trust Monte Carlo Models?

The Pension Research Council [The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania]

Working Paper Library is a cornucopia of academic papers on retirement planning issues.

The Trinity Study


Savings: Choosing a Withdrawal Rate That Is Sustainable [Feb98] "What's a reasonable withdrawal rate when living off savings? A look at how various withdrawal rates would have fared based on past market returns provides a useful guide." [also at ]

Does International Diversification Increase the Sustainable Withdrawal Rates from Retirement Portfolios? [Jan03] "examines the effect of international equity diversification on the sustainability of a range of withdrawal rates from retirement portfolios with varying U.S. and international stock/bond asset allocations. suggests that retirees with portfolios composed of 50 percent equities or greater would benefit only modestly in the long run from international diversification."

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