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how much do hairstylist get paid?

how much do bankers get paid

I have been a hairstylist for 7 years now. I make only 10.65 on the hour, I get bonuses and about 300 a wk in tips. I have worked as a booth renter, you have to buy your own products and pay a weekly booth rent I have paid as high as 150 a week or low as 50 a wk. I have also been on straigth commission I got 40% of what I made.

Joshua in Gig Harbor, Washington

As a hairstylist you can choose how much you make. If you really apply yourself and become very good at your trade you can make lots of money. You can make $8 an hour or $800 an hour depending on how much you want to work it and spend mastering your trade. I am actually still a student and only halfway through beauty school but I have been working very hard and making lots of connections. As it stands right now I have a salon that wants me as soon as I graduate. They charge $100 for a haircut and I would make a 40% comission off of that and they charge between $150 - $200 for hair coloring. So I am looking at around $40 an hour when I graduate. There is nothing special about me, I am just someone that really wants it. If you are going to do it I would highly recommend using a Paul Mitchell School. They are awesome schools with great education and provide you with lots of opportunities.

Tirzah Lopez in South Orange, New Jersey

Crissy in Littleton, Colorado

98 months ago

Bethany in El Cajon, California said: You are my inspiration, then!

Let me ask you, how do you know if you are the 'learned' or the 'gifted' type?

When I first started cosmo school I felt like the world was my oyster, like no one could do it like


After six months, I feel a bit deflated. I can come up with brilliant results if I'm given creative freedom, but the industry does not seem to care about my creative freedom. The industry cares more about giving someone the exact look they're after. which usually means replicating something already created.

I guess I feel stifled. there seems to be so much to learn, but honestly I'm only interested in about 10% of it..It just doesn't seem so fun anymore, and I'm only a quarter of the way through school!

Is it true you must be able to do everything well to be a successful stylist?

I feel I have the opposite problem. I am ovely 'gifted' and not eager enough to become 'learned'! (Or maybe I am just unaware of how to use my gifts to my full advantage?)

Any advice would be SO appreciated.

Hello Bethany,

Me again saying I would get back to you. Anywho thye don;t have very good insurence and not to mention none of 401k for long term stuff. I am board with it. Through out school they gave me haircuts after haircuts and I am great at them now. my specalty. but they didn't give me much color and that is what is making money now. So if you can, request more color and you also want to be good on your cuts also, goes hand in hand. Finish your school cause you always have it behind you. Hair cutting is an demanded job and it always will be. Try out a place or two. If you decide then you don't like it do like I did and get your self a new career. At least if you can have hairdressing behind you through school you will make more then most and always have that opertunity to make more like with your tips for exsample. Get back to you again lol.----Crissy

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