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How much is my old coin worth

how much is my old coin worth

Mecchen House Cast Final by Ai

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Radioactive Femininity TG - Part 10

Radioactive Femininity

Part 10 – “Straight Outta Tampons”

In some of my classes, I knew a girl named Katrina. She was over a head shorter than even me with long, flowing blond hair and a beautifully frail, elfin body. She seemed nice all the times I shared a class with her. But I wondered about her in the years after high school. Her name. Did having that name bother her? Or was it not a big deal? As my own name grew in prominence, it was the sort of thing I thought about from time to time. But, right then, all I thought about was the security office ahead of me.

It was our school’s form of detention. The door was always open. If you went here, as far as I’d pieced together as a student up to that point, then you were probably up for writing long, pointless sentences and Saturday work cleaning up the campus.

I took my steps slowly, casually. I wasn’t here because I’d done something bad…sorta. At the same time, my heart raced Radioactive Femininity TG - Part 10 by majorkerina

Radioactive Femininity TG - Part 9

Radioactive Femininity

Part 9 – “I Am Not A Clever Ma’am”

Oh, don’t worry I’m not going to do anything crazy, like turn into an irrational optimist, just looking back on that time.

And, besides, every shift Ben made in his seat reminded me of the invisible, intangible, and inexplicable girly force which seemed to emanate from me since I started eating wheat again.

My stomach and I had reached a tentative détente since gym but it shifted a bit when I remembered that I’d learned the word “détente” from Wes. At the same time, I tried not to think about Wes because I wasn’t exactly sure what the trigger was for the massive, potentially permanent change I’d unleashed on him.

Then again, part of me wanted to reproduce it so then at least the cause and effect would make sense. Blame noticing a little note about the scientific method on the page of the textbook in front of us.

Radioactive Femininity TG - Part 8

Radioactive Femininity

Part 8 – “Her-ever Alone”

Before I went to bed that night, my mom told me to lay out my best clothes for the morning. I didn’t really see why.

I felt more anonymous with my regular clothes but I went along with it. I picked out a pressed white blouse then a black cardigan with a long green ruffled skirt and near-black pantyhose.

Maybe the power was feminizing me as well?

I tried everything on before I went to bed. It all fit well enough but I doubted the top, which was still stiff after its first few washes, would feel comfortable for any portion of the day.

Perhaps it was better to think of the clothes as some sort of armor, or military outfit, to strengthen myself against the potential, unknown onslaught.

I still didn’t like them.

It also would’ve been nice to clean my bed, take off the spread (fresh from JCPenny with its dark-brown motif) and run it through the washing machine. Since our washer was small, it wa Radioactive Femininity TG - Part 8 by majorkerina

Radioactive Femininity TG

- Part 7

Radioactive Femininity

Part 7 – “Courage Kenzie”

I waited several minutes after that. Not that I genuinely expected anything would happen. But some small part of me hoped a phone might ring and the person on the other end of the line would somehow help me out.

Plenty of weird things and coincidences had happened in my life up to that point. Our house didn’t burn down because I forgot something important. At least, I thought I did. My mom was upset with me because we were both already late that day. But she went back and realized the lamp cover in the bedroom had accidentally been pushed to the side and was smoldering.

I lost track of the number of times we just missed getting into an accident. Gladis did just the right thing to save my life when I had a terrible fever one day. Right place, right time, right care. So many times it came out that way.

Even going further back, the only reason my mom moved to Brookville was because she talked to her dec Radioactive Femininity TG - Part 7 by majorkerina

The Candidates TG The Candidates


I followed him to school one day when I was very bored because he was so busy and I just felt ignored.

Ever since he was a child, I always lingered near to whisper little secrets in his little ear.

Suspect me a spirit, a ghost, or some other being, but he always felt me while never seeing.


But only a spirit out of her spirited mind would try to construct her thoughts in a particular rhyme and keep it that way without getting frustrated. Obviously, I’m not that sort.

I’m the sort who would linger beside a man from child to adulthood in a game gone on too long.

My favorite games came when it was time for him to dress. Just a little pull, tap and a press and he’d puzzle over how his pale plaid shirt pooled down his legs or how he now had clothes he didn’t remember buying.

But not even those things really ruffled him anymore or even led to quiet confusion. He sighed and took them in stride. I’d snort and pout but still I played.

Radioactive Femininity TG - Part 6

Radioactive Femininity

Part 6 – “I She What You Did There”

Dad got home first. I stood in the hallway as he set his briefcase down.

“I don’t understand why they sent you home.”

I kept my distance from him but not so much it became suspicious. I settled into the couch I usually used and he leaned back on the other.

Rubbing his legs through his gray suit pants, my dad said, “They called me and said you were around some people who got really sick…? How they put it was very strange though….”

He verbally danced around parts of it. I let him talk a bit till he asked the eventual question, “So, what happened?”

Shifting my legs, I placed them underneath me and began, “Well, I had gym then biology. In biology, these two guys…had happen to them sorta what happened to you when we went out to eat last Friday.”

He rested against the couch and recounted, “I have no idea what happened then. B Radioactive Femininity TG - Part 6 by majorkerina

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