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This is how much you should tip for every service

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How much should I tip? Should a tip be a percentage of the total price? Should it be based on service? And who gets tipped and exactly how much? If you have any of those questions, we have answers.

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Everyone wonders how much they should tip. Is it based on percentage? On service? And who gets tipped and exactly how much? We asked etiquette experts and the people on the tipping receiving end to find out if you're over or under tipping and what you need to do about it.

Barista, ice cream scooper and smoothie maker




Tipping etiquette at restaurants ranges from 20 percent as a flat rule to service-based personal discretions. Here's what our experts have to say. Manor says, "We usually tip (pre-tax) 10 percent for mediocre service, 15 percent for good service and 20 percent plus for excellent service. The thing is, if the service is really bad, there's no obligation to tip the waiter. In many good restaurants in the U.S. we have a so-called gratuity or a tip already included into your bill. So, check if there's a gratuity included into the bill. If the service is great, you still may leave an additional tip — it's completely up to you. If the service is really bad, well, I suggest you speak to the manager. Your money, your way."

Adeodata Czink owns the oldest international etiquette consultancy in Toronto, Business of Manners. Czink agrees with Manor that tipping in a restaurant should be based on how good the service is, but adds one more thing to consider: how long you stay at your table. Czink says, "If you linger, appreciate that the server cannot make money on your table because you are still sitting there."

And Tanner Agar, the founder and CEO of The Chef Shelf. says, "While I was a server I felt strongly about tipping and I still do today. I will start with the assertion that you should tip 20 percent, which is often common knowledge. Some people feel that they shouldn't be required to tip on wine; after all the server wasn't responsible for making it. This is incorrect. Always tip on wine.

You pay for the expertise of your server in aiding your selection whether you consulted them or not. Look beyond 20 percent to the value that the server offered. And always be generous with breakfast servers, they deserve it and it front loads your day with good karma."

Manor adds, "Also consider tipping the coat checker $1-$2 per coat, usually after you pick up your coats and the Maitre D (which means 'head waiter') a generous tip before you are seated. The Maitre D plays a very essential position in our pleasant restaurant experience, finding a nice table with a great view that's close to the window or very secluded, whatever your needs might be. So it's a good idea to start with a good first impression. $10-$20 is appropriate. And musicians in restaurants should receive between $2-$5 tips; if you make a special request, you should tip a little more, between $5-$10."

Salons and spas


Getting haircuts, facials, massages or manicures already feels like a big expenditure, so do you add more to your bill by tipping the people who pamper you? The short answer is, "Yes." Manor says, "Fifteen to 20 percent is a good amount for the people you see to split between each other. But it's always up to you." And DeVault says, "Tip 20 percent of the total cost of the service."

And Emily Bilodeau, LMT, is a massage therapist who says whether or not you should tip for beauty services is location dependent. Bilodeau explains, "I'm a licensed massage therapist. I've been in practice for eight years and after the underpants question, this is what my clients most frequently ask. The tricky thing about tipping an LMT is that it's location specific. In a salon or spa environment, you are expected to tip 20 percent — this is formulated into the pay scale, so like a server if we don't make tips, we don't pay our bills. In a clinical setting or private practice, however, tips are not expected. A living wage is factored into our service fees. I've worked in both kinds of tipping environments, and have coached clients through this daily." how much is parenting payment

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