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What it is: Every year, a bunch of us get together as close to November 23rd as our schedules will allow and hold a Doctor Who marathon. We watch one story from each Doctor, all while indulging in too much pizza, Twinkies, Cherry Pepsi and Jelly Babies.

How we pick 'em: This year, we went with Doctor Who Magazine 's rating system of all (at the time) 200 Doctor Who stories. Skipping any stories we've previously watched in Whofest, we went with the highest ranking stories for each Doctor. For the 11th Doctor, we voted amongst ourselves.

This year WhoFest will be on December 15, 2012 .

The theme for this year is different locations. and is dedicated to Caroline John and Mary Tamm. The picks for 2012 are:

1st Doctor - The Myth Makers (reconstruction) (pure historical Earth)

2nd Doctor - The Seeds of Death (The Moon and future Earth)

3rd Doctor - The Ambassadors of Death

(modern-day Earth)

4th Doctor - The Pirate Planet (alien planets)

5th Doctor - The Visitation (psuedo-historical Earth)

6th Doctor - The Ultimate Foe (The Matrix)

7th Doctor - Paradise Towers (future resort)

8th Doctor - Doctor Who: The TV Movie, Episode 4* (Hey, it's all he's got.)

9th Doctor - The End of the World (space station)

10th Doctor - Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel (parallel Earth)

11th Doctor - Amy's Choice (The TARDIS and the dream realm)

* In an effort to keep the marathon running time down to a mere 17 hours, we've edited the 8th Doctor's only story (on film, at least) into four episodes, and then we watch it in installments over several years. This also helps keep us from getting burnt out on his only story.

Why we do it: We're crazed fans. We even make our own t-shirts for the event every year. Check 'em out below.

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