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Bargain the who tab

bargain the who tab

15x Faster, 2x Easier, 5% Kinder Price-Search

While iPads, Kindles, and Nooks are grabbing headlines, for the 97% of readers who only buy paper-bound books, there is now a much faster, easier, and kinder way to save money buying books online. has just released free browser add-ons for Firefox and Internet Explorer. What makes these “next generation” shopping add-ons different is that they let buyers search for the best book prices on the web exactly when they want to: on the fly, anywhere online while reading details about a book.

Here’s how the add-on works: it’s invisible–unless it encounters a book ISBN  (an unique identifier for each book edition) which triggers a wee pricing tab to discreetly appear. Click on the tab, and the pricing mole quickly digs through all the major book-selling websites to find the best used and new prices (including shipping costs) in seconds. Move away from a book page and the little book-mole tab disappears back underground. For screen shots or a two-minute video showing the Bargain Book Mole in action, go to:

Of course, price isn’t everything. The Bargain Book Mole also lets readers review the details of a book’s condition without having to visit the site where the book is sold. And, buying a book via the Bargain Book Mole does a small good deed: for every sale, 5% of their commission fee (which is paid by the book-selling websites; it’s always free for users) is donated to nonprofits, such as the Author’s Guild, libraries, literacy efforts, and environmental causes. This means even used-book sales benefit writers and the larger community.


the Bargain Book Mole was developed, comparing book prices online required finding a new website, typing in (or copying and pasting) the title or ISBN information and hitting the search button. For example, consider a search for a Laura Ingalls Wilder classic on, the most popular book-price comparison website. Searching for Little House on the Prairie takes 22 seconds and brings up 46 choices that have Little House on the Prairie in the title. After choosing a title, Bookfinder takes another 23 seconds to get pricing results, for a total search time of around 45 seconds. Add in 10-25 seconds for switching websites, typing in and choosing a title, and a single book price search takes more than a minute. Compared with driving to a bunch of bookstores, this is still incredibly fast, but the same search with a Bargain Book Mole add-on takes only 3 seconds and without the distractions of switching to a new website or double-checking if the right edition was chosen. (The same Little House search on the website also takes a few seconds, making it up to 20 times faster than BookFinder or, the two most popular book price.)

In short, the Bargain Book Mole is the fastest, most convenient, and kindest way to buy the best-priced books online. It’s easy to understand why before its official release date and with no publicity, the Bargain Book Mole is already receiving the most downloads of any Firefox book-buying add-on.

Further fact:

- The initial download of a Bargain Book Mole add-on only takes seconds, but for the first use requires restarting your browser.

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