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Bunn coffee makers where to buy

bunn coffee makers where to buy

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Lift up the lid on top of the coffee maker. Slide the brew funnel into the brewing compartment underneath the warmer switch. Pour one full coffee pot of water through the screen underneath the lid. Close the lid, place the coffee pot onto the warmer, and wait three minutes, allowing the water to flow into the reservoir. Continue adding water until the reservoir is full and a little water flows into the coffee pot underneath the warmer.

Plug in the brewer. Turn the brewer on by pressing the switch at the lower left side of the coffee maker. Allow 15 minutes for water to reach brewing temperature.

Begin brewing coffee. Insert a coffee filter into

the brew funnel. Measure coffee grounds by tablespoon. Use at least 2 ounces, or 4 tbsp. of coffee grounds for every full pot of coffee. Shake the funnel to distribute coffee grounds evenly, and slide the brew funnel into place underneath the warming switch. Press the warmer switch to the "On" position.

Raise the lid of the coffee maker and pour a coffee pot full of water into the reservoir. Replace the coffee pot on the warmer before closing the lid. Once you close the lid, water will pour into the tank and your coffee will begin brewing.

Remove brew funnel and discard the filter with grounds when the coffee is finished brewing. Turn the warmer switch off after serving the coffee.

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