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Charley pride what money can t buy

charley pride what money can t buy

Which player can Kansas City Chiefs least afford to lose?


Another day, another mailbag. I didn't have a new one up yesterday, but considering I had, like, 15 other columns up at once I assume you'll all forgive me. Or don't. Grudges can be kinda fun if you're doing it right.

Let's mailbag and continue to fight the power. The power of offseason blues.

@RealMNchiefsfan If you could permanently protect one Chiefs player from injury, who would it be?

— Ben Burkhardt (@xCezium) June 2, 2015

Permanently? Forever and ever? It has to be Jamaal Charles .

Here's the thing; Alex Smith is PROBABLY more important to the success of the Chiefs simply by being the best quarterback on the roster by a long shot. The positional value there makes it almost an automatic. I understand that the team could survive an injury to Charles better than an injury to Smith. At least on a short term basis as it relates to 2015.

However, I'm thinking long term with Jamaal Charles. I'm thinking about 10, 20, 30 years down the road. I'm thinking about when I'm talking to my grandkids and explaining to them what it was like to watch Jamaal Charles live. I'm thinking about the day he gets a shot to go to Canton and get a well-deserved spot among the greats.

The problem with all that? If Charles goes down to injury much in the next couple of years, he may well be as overlooked post-retirement as he's been throughout his career. Any mention of him will come with some genius saying, "yeah, but he's not even in the top 40 in total rushing yards," or "well, he only made a few Pro Bowls."

That would drive me crazy. Jamaal Charles is one of the greatest football players I've ever seen at any position. He's incredible. And if he's able to play out the remainder of his prime and his twilight years free of injury, he'll absolutely earn the kind of career statistics it'll take to make sure NO ONE can question whether he belongs.

Charles deserves that kind of legacy. And it just so happens a healthy Jamaal Charles goes a long way toward helping the Chiefs compete each and every year.

Justin Houston gets honorary mention, but until the ink is dried on that long term contract it's all Jamaal.

@RealMNchiefsfan It's game day and you are at home. What are your Chiefs game day routines and traditions?

— Heath Larson (@heathlarson) June 21, 2015

My gameday routine is an unusual one. Because I live in the wild north (or deep south to our Canadian readers) of Brainerd, Minnesota, seeing the Chiefs on local channels on Sunday afternoon is incredibly rare. Further, Mrs. MNchiefsfan and I are those weird people who choose to spend their money elsewhere besides on cable television (mostly food and clothing our children. You know, the extras). So the NFL on CBS option is off the table for me.

Now, there are (cough) options for streaming games live online. However, such methods are generally unreliable, lag a little behind, and are poor quality. At least, that's what my friends who take part in such illegal activities tell me. And that "illegal" part actually does kinda matter

to me. As a prosecutor, I have a tough time breaking the law. If I'm going to hold others accountable, I can't very well skirt the law myself. right?

Maybe. But even if I were willing to do that, the quality bugs me. So that option is out.

So instead, my Sundays are actually spent on TOTAL information blackout. I go to church, teach Sunday School to a bunch of teens who don't pay attention, and spend the day with my family. I play with the kids, hang out with the wife, maybe do a little day job lawyer stuff. and completely ignore the internet. My friends know better than to text me ANYTHING about the Chiefs during this time.

Then at 11:00 p.m. NFL Rewind comes available. By now my entire household is asleep except me. I make a Tombstone pizza on a Pizzazz pizza maker (one of the finest meals in existence. Yeah, I said it food snobs), pull up a side table in front of my couch, and watch the Chiefs via Rewind.

That means I generally don't get done with the game until 12:30 or so in the morning. And yeah, I have to work at 7:30. But whether it was a horrific loss or an incredible win, I generally can't help myself and I log into Arrowhead Pride to see the reaction of the community. Occasionally I'll start writing an article immediately, unable to stop myself. Once or twice I haven't gotten to bed until four-ish as I couldn't go to sleep until I'd finished writing about the Chiefs.

I'm a man of habit, and I personally happen to love my Chiefs gameday habit. Though one day I look forward to experiencing the game with the rest of you. Heck, I might even throw out a tweet or two when it happens.

Do you think that putting American football in the Olympics would raise its international popularity far better than what the NFL is doing?


Aka: Jim Deffenderfer

Eh. I don't really think so.

Football is a really, really unusual sport. Rosters are gigantic compared to other sports. I have a hard time believing that any other country would be able to come up with a 53 man (or even slightly smaller number) roster for actual, serious competition.

Additionally, football is a sport where a week of rest is needed in between games. The Olympics don't last long enough to really accommodate a football "tournament." You'd need months to pull it off if there was any kind of participation.

Finally, where are the players going to come from? Outside of the United States, there just isn't a whole lot of organized football. I know there's INTEREST, but interest and ability to make up a national team are a long, long way apart. I don't see even 5 other countries being able to scrape together a team.

Until other countries start having players at the amateur level, I just don't see it happening.

We'll do another mailbag tomorrow or the next day. This mailbag could be a very special one. I've long promised a Mrs. MNchiefsfan mailbag. And if you fine folk provide one more good mailbag question (preferably to @RealMNchiefsfan), we'll get it done.

I believe in all of you.

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