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direct debit how it works

Universally accepted payment option.

Direct Debit is universally accepted as the most efficient payment solution for recurring payments throughout the UK, with the vast majority of consumers and organisations having Direct Debit payment experience.

Alternatives such as standing orders and cheques, are administratively time consuming, difficult to reconcile, and unhelpful to cash flow whislt also causing credit control problems. However, Direct Debits leave you in control with detailed reporting ensuring that reconciliation is kept simple.

Flexible set up.

Mandates with your customers can be set up via paper forms, telesign up or over the internet (see our Snap system). Direct Debits are the most effective way of collecting regular payments from your customers, subscibers, members or donors.

Harlands Group offers numerous payment solutions.

Harlands Group is a trading name for both Harlands Finance Limited and Harlands Services Limited

which offers both BACS approved services for processing both paper and paperless Direct Debits.

Larger or well established businesses can apply to their bank for their own SUN (Service User Number, previously known as an OIN), however many of our clients use one of our numbers. Whichever way is most appropriate you can be confident that outsourcing your Direct Debit payments to Harlands Group will provide the ideal solution for your business.

Setting up your account.

Harlands Services are a BACS bureau provider which as we have stated means that if you already have a Service User Number (SUN) we can process Direct Debits using that number on your behalf. If your organisation does not have a SUN then Harlands Group can provide one for you. Check with your bank to see if you are able to acquire your own SUN.

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