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How do you overide a Verizon Prepaid phone, so you can use it on monthly account?

how a prepaid phone works

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guitarman5150 said: 06-06-2010 04:21 PM

How do you overide a Verizon Prepaid phone, so you can use it on monthly account?

Originally Posted by guitarman5150

There's got to be a loophole in this somewhere. My wife and son bought prepaid Verizon phones at Wal-Mart and had them changed over, on our monthly bill. over the phone with Verizon, believe it or not? Well. today I spent $22 bucks for me a phone and wanted to do the same. But now Verizon doesn't want to participate at all. Can someone please help me with this? I didn't want to have to spend $150 bucks at Verizon. so I just picked one up at Wal-Mart, and wanted to save money. HELP!!

Verizon can and does try to prevent activating pre-pay phones on a "post paid" plan.

Pre-pay phones are discounted to purchase them, and

they make it up in the cost of the "per minute" fee.

VZW knows what ESN/MEID numbers are assigned to phones packaged as "pre-pay."

While you might get "lucky" once in a while, you might either get one that works today, but not tomorrow. Case in point. way back when Walmart first started carrying the V3C as VZW's "Inpulse" phones. I got one. I was able to use it on my regular line, and even ESN swap back and forth many many times while working out instructions for flashing with USC, ALLTel, etc firmwares. After I was done, and using other phones for a few months, I went back to activate the V3C, and it wouldn't activate, telling me it was a pre-pay phone.

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