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Professional ATM Installation

how atm machines works

Installation and Training

When you purchase or lease a new ATM machine from the ATM will be dropped shipped directly from the manufacturer (unless other arrangements are made) to the address listed on your application.

If you want to purchase a certified refurbished ATM from us, your ATM will be shipped from our ATM processing partner preprogramed and ready to use. All you need to do is bolt it to the floor, plug in phone and power and start letting customers use it.

As far as the physical installation of the ATM. you can install it, or we can arrange for the ATM to be professionally installed for you by a certified ATM technician. We highly recommend a professional installation.

An ATM is basically a UL rated steel safe that dispenses money. The weight of an ATM machine is typically 150 – 250 pounds or more (depending on the model).

Most ATM’s include a rating from Underwriters Laboratory as “UL 291 “. This is a Business Hour Vault rating and is different than a UL rating for a gun safe or heavy duty safe. It’s all based on break in time.

Your ATM

should be bolted to the floor and leveled. Concrete floors are best for security. If it’s a think concrete floor and you can get underneath (down stairs ceiling) consider through bolting.

There are 4 or more predrilled holes hidden in the base of the ATM machine that are used for mounting. Installers typically bolt the ATM down with special concrete anchors call red heads or a similar product.

An ATM is then plugged into a standard 110V / AC outlet and connected to a dedicated standard phone line. If you try to connect the ATM to a fax line, a shared line or a PBX phone system you’re asking for transaction issues (delays, non-dispensing, reversals, chargebacks, incomplete transactions, non-disense issues). Save yourself the headache of problems and just install a separate phone line (it’s cheap compared to the cmall cost savings verses the issues a shared line will have). You can also use your internet service if your ATM is equipped with internet processing capability.

If you need training on how to operate you ATM, we will also arrange that during the installation if you want us to take care of that for you (no additional charge).

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