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How much is the carers payment

how much is the carers payment


Yes you are entitled to apply for it. You should also contact the Tax Credits office to let them know. In our case we were given more tax credits too as we have a child who has DLA at the Middle rate. I have never heard of them taking off the carers allowance money from the tax credits but maybe it depends on the individual case.

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Hello. My husband is awarded higher rate of PIP since last year. One week ago I put through a claim for CA. I am not working at the moment, but my husband does work as full time even though he is disabled. He also gets working tax credit and child tax credit. If the CA is awarded. does my husband need to notify the inland revenue as for changes in circumstances?

Hi, I'm also new.

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Hi ladies, would just like a bit of advice if possible. Ive just been awarded middle rate DLA for my son

and i was made aware that my child tax credits will also go up. If i claim carers allowance do you know how much my other benefits get reduced by? My partner works 30hrs a week. We receive child and working tax credit and a small amount of housing benefit. I dont want to apply if its going to make me worse off x

I am substantially better off. We now receive more housing benefit, before we paid nearly full rent now we get around 70 pounds a month towards it which helps considering we pay over 400 pounds and we recieved a back payment also. hubby works 40 hours a week. I don't work. child gets mrc. tax credits have gone up by around 50. 60 pounds. working tax only dropped by 2 pounds and that is with carers allowance calculated. you are much better off.

you can also claim child care costs when you get the disability premium on your housing benefit. you have to call working tax credit for this. you get upto 70 percent off your child care a week.

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