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How buy gold coins

how buy gold coins

Gold Coins

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Storage and insurance

For details of storage and insurance rates click here

UK delivery costs £ 15 including VAT for up to 250g of gold - click here for more details

contact us for international delivery options. When ordering more than 1 kilo of gold the delivery charge generated in the table above is intended as a guide only. Please contact us for a quote.

How to make payment

All bank transfers should be CHAPS or 'faster payment' method - we will email you once your funds are received.

Debit cards payments

Can be used to order bullion for storage (not bullion to be delivered).

At what point is the order price 'locked'

The price is 'locked' once we approve your order request during UK working hours with your adequate cleared funds.

How much should I transfer?

Gold Grams - transfer any amount over £ 100 and the appropriate number of gold grams will be allocated to you based on the gold price at the time the order is approved.

Bars and Coins - we recommend you transfer an amount equivalent to the current bar / coin price plus 3%, so that once your funds have cleared, you will have enough funds to place the order, even if the gold priced has increased, between the time you started the transfer process and the time we could approve the order (during UK working hours, with cleared funds). Any surplus cash will be left in your account and you can use this against further purchases or have this returned to your bank account.

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