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How can a 12 year old earn money?

how can a 12 year old earn money


Best Answer: next summer is like 9 months away? thats 9x30= 270 days? soo 950 $ /270 thats. 3.50 $a day?

you would need to earn about 3 to 4 dollars a day everyday untill summer. thats not allot..i get that much lunch money.

so i guess you could cut useless spendings on like candy,movies, frugal save up..i use to do a summer job that payed about 6 dollars an hour an it was 8 hours. you would only need to work every day one hour a day of that job to get more then enough.

You can start by not spending money on unnecessary things like luxery goods.

Eat breakfast instead of taking lunch money? hmm babysit on weekends you probably go to school so it shoudn't affect

your school nor your sleeping time or homework time soo sleep 8 hours,school 6 hours homework 3-4 hours =20-19 hours busy a day excluding weekends so you have 5-6 hours probably free excluding hobbys.

so you can start by being frugal cut down on innesary things. do like a bakesale?sell family members food.ohh you can also do like a raffle,bingo?ask your mom,grandma for like some money?

where you get a price and let allot of people pay to enter the game but you'll offer one price..hmm.

get like an easy job wash your neighbors cars every weekend..tell them your saving up to go to camp.

don't go do anything illegal though haha.

there's allot of time left plan it down and execute your plan.good luck i hope i helped.

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