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How can i buy savings bonds

Who Is Eligible to Invest In Series I Savings Bonds? -

Who Is Eligible to Invest in Series I Savings Bonds?

Not everyone can own I bonds or other types of savings bonds due to restrictions put in place by the United States Government. In some cases, you may only be eligible to invest in the electronically registered savings bonds through the TreasuryDirect program and not physical paper bond certificates, further complicating the matter. Find out if you qualify to add these savings bonds to your portfolio by quickly checking over this list. Are you eligible to invest in Series I savings bonds. More »

Tax Advantages of Series I Savings Bonds

If you use your Series I savings bonds to pay for qualified education expenses, you may not have to pay tax on the income you generated from investing in those bonds. This special will explain the tax advantages of investing in I savings bonds and other considerations you may want to factor into your decision about whether they are right for your portfolio. Discover the secrets to paying no tax on your Series I savings bonds. More »

How Are Series

I Bond Interest Rates Determined?

The interest income you earn on your Series I savings bonds is calculated very differently from most other bonds because it consists of two parts - a fixed rate and an inflation modifier. Learn more about the Series I savings bond interest rate calculation. More »

How to Read a Series I Savings Bond Paper Certificate

Don't have a clue what the symbols, dates, figures, and codes on the Series I savings bonds mean or why you should care? Use this diagram to understand the Series I savings bond certificate. More »

Series I Savings Bond Gallery

Want to see what a $5,000 Series I savings bond looks like? These high resolution images of the Series I savings bonds are provided by the United States Treasury department and feature some of the most remarkable Americans throughout the nation's history. Each Series I bond images shown is what investors receive when they invest in the paper certificate version of the savings bond program. See our pictures of the United States Series I savings bonds. More »

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