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How can i earn money quick

how can i earn money quick


Best Answer: Have a friend over 18 take some of your belongings like your laptop

and your gameboy or xbox and your remote contrl cars,and some other higher end big bucks items you already own then have

them pawn your collections of items worth over 800 bucks and ask to

borrow close to the amount you need your gonna need three times as much in goods of what you need so if your looking to borrow 300

your gonna need to pawn ove a thousand of goods find your old guitar

and a computer ot laptop and your home game systems and your about at that amount for sure. a home stereo system with speakers like a home stereo sony system dont expect 300 bucks for a home

hyundia car stereo cause they aint gonna give you no 300 bucks

in these hard times your gonna have to cough up at least thre to five times the amount of cash in value to get those hard bucks. Pawning is the fastest and can be the most attractive way to get fast cash

just pick up what you pawn or the 300 will cost you all the other

items worth a whole lot more than the origin 300 bucks and youll loose

alll the items to pawn if you leave them in there without keeping to the pawn ticket instructions to the T letter. dont miss one payment

and you can never be late by one minue on a pawn cause they can

keep your chit for the minorist of default. beter check check and recheck the pawn guys rules to the letter. If you mess up and arelate

better early two days paying than late by one minute cause they can by court ruling keep all your stuff and youd be lost in court besides the costs of lawyer to recover anything. Pawning is a last resort for money

try using the same collarteral with a family member before a pawn shop

cause your not of age to pawn anything yet for 300 bucks in the south

its pretty ommon to pawn a cars pink slip for that kind of money

for the month or two hoping for some over time to make the pawn pay off faster. or getting a second job short term or a gig that pays real

money cashola green so you can drive your car and still have the

guy hold the pink until you pay off the bond pawn chit. They give you

15 to 60 days to pay back the loan and charge between 25 and 50 percent interest per 30 days of pawn so a 300 pwn could cost you

450 500 to pay back in two months. which is very possible to pay back on a second job or a good sales of some stuff on a weekend

garage sale with a second job its easy to do for most willing to

try for what they need fast cash for. if there is a will

there is always a way. money is not the problem getting more and more money go without something for the same time frame like dont pay your insurance and buy el cheapo insurance for a couple months

the savings right there can be your 300 bucks without working nothing.

insurance is required but its not required you pay top premium dollar

to say farmers or stae farm or the hartford you can go with like the general or geico for a trial period of three months get a deal

pay 56 a month I pay 200 a month regular for 3 cars well two cars and a truck and with the general or eastwood is only 54 a month instead

so I get the same coverage from eastwood save 150 a month

for two months and thats 300 for xmas spending and thats my

xmas money for that season plus a couple days overtime weekends

then Im in the 1 thou o so spending which makes for three or four really nice presents for the wife and kids maybe mom and dad too.

thats if you keep each person in the 150 to 200 per person.

thats a garmin for dad mom a nice gold pendant and the wife a

good set of pearls and games for the kids like a xbox they share

and a few games each. works. rtry

it. use the stop the paper cut off the cell phone full features

get a pager for three months 19 bucks a month unlimited pages.

savings of over 150 bucks fr three months. cut the paper another

30 bucks for three months cut the starbucks coffee once a day five days a week saves 20 bucks a week for 12 weeks thats 240 bucks

I make my coffee in a caraffe and carry it like when I worked in the

mills take your lunch for a couple months and your going to save 300

in one month of eating out lunchs cause a lunch out at the local

mom and pop lunch counter greasey spoon is between 6-10 bucks

on the average usa eatery five days a week at 6 bucks a day30

bucks a week timmes 12 weeks the time to pay off the loan

equals another savings of $360 bucks in lunchs at 6 bucks a day

I know not every lunch I ever eat costs 6 bucks so these amounts are

accounting at the lest dollar amounts not the highest amounts of 10 bucks some people pay 20 bucks a day at least three times a week

for a lucheon or retirement lucheon which you might have three or four of those special higher cost lunches in those three months.

which can add heaviest to the savings if you bring your lunch to work

for the time it takes to pay off the loaned money and et your pink back.

Heck four weekends just garage selling some extra stuff around the home stead can lighte

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