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I can't send or receive my Clearnet or Paradise emails?

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Published 10/02/2014 02:59 PM

Updated 02/06/2015 03:11 AM

Clearnet or Paradise Email Troubleshooting

There are two ways that you can access your Clearnet or Paradise emails.

Email Client
  • Check our network status page for any known outages.
  • Ensure that all the settings in your email account are correctly configured. The instructions are linked to below.
  • Check if you can connect to the internet and surf the internet. If you can't connect to and can't surf the internet (e.g. open a website), then you need to troubleshoot your connection.
  • Check to ensure that your email has been configured with the correct username and password (you can verify these by logging into the Webmail)
  • If you recently changed your connection type (e.g. upgraded your connection from dial up to Broadband), then change the settings of your email program to use the new connection settings (e.g. Local Area Connection or LAN).

If your email account has been correctly setup and you are still unable to send or receive emails, then please follow the steps below for further troubleshooting

Unable to send email

  • Confirm the recipient’s email address.
  • If you get an error Cannot find host SMTP. then you have to check the outgoing email server address in your email settings. You should be using the outgoing server that is provider by your internet server provider. For example, if you are using Clearnet email, then the outgoing email server address is
  • Delete any emails in the outbox and then

    try sending a new email.

  • If you are sending an email with an attachment, try sending a test email without any attachment.
  • If you are using an antivirus program and/ or firewall, then disable these programs before trying to send an email. If this works, then the problem is caused by your antivirus program and/ or firewall. For further troubleshooting please refer to the supplier/manufacturer of the antivirus program.

Unable to receive email

1.   Confirm your email address with the sender.

2.   Log into the webmail and check the Inbox folder for any new emails.

3.  Your mailbox may have exceeded the maximum storage limit of 100MB (Megabytes).

  • To check the storage space on Clearnet webmail, log into the webmail and then click on Folders.

  • You can view the total space used.

4.     The email may have arrived but have been falsely marked as spam and subsequently forwarded into the webmail spam folder

  • To check the Spam Folder on Clearnet webmail, log into the webmail and then click on Spam.

5.     There may be an excessively large attachment (i.e. > 10MB size) in the email by the sender.

6.     Check with the sender for any bounced back emails.

If the above do not answer your query or assist with resolving your issue please contact us on 0508 888 800 asking for "technical assistance". Alternatively for non-urgent fault resolution please Contact us .

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