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Animal Abusers Spotlight

how can i report animal abuse

Cruelty is one of the worse things a human being can do to an animal, so I have posted as many convicted Animal Cruelty Offenders as I can find. I want abused animals to be remembered and how so many suffered at the hands of so many monsters. Maybe together, we can even help catch some abusers that get away by keeping an eye out in your own neighborhoods (see unsolved cases). Often times once an abuse case has been to court and the criminals have been convicted, we tend to forget these cases. THOSE CASES WILL BE REMEMBERED HERE IN A SPOTLIGHT OF SHAME.

This website was free to make and so have some patients with some of the links. This website has lots of information to report abuse, help

and feed animals for free (clicks), memorial of the precious ones lost, how to care for abused animals, CPR for animals, games for you and the kids to play, current advocating for abuse, see victories we have won, see some humorous pictures to make you smile, and great communities that are helping with Animal Awareness. "Grant Animal Wishes" are help animals websites and most are smaller shelters all over the USA where you can adopt, foster, share, sponsor an animal or do one simple random act of kindness with a donation. Check out the latest news in any "Current News" section for news in your area and all over the world about animals. You can also follow me on Twitter:!/Johni_K And Facebook: jkbull

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