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How can kids earn money

How Kids Can Make Money:

Five Easy Ideas

to Help Kids Earn Money

Kids are imaginative people - especially when it comes to making money. They know how kids can make money and are usually willing to jump right in to start making some of their own. As a bonus, kids learn the value of earning their own money instead of having it given to them each time.

Teach your children the value of a dollar earned with these five easy ideas for how kids can make money. Already have a great idea and want to share it? Click here!

  1. Work around the house. This idea isn't meant to replace their usual chores. These can be one-time chores (such as shoveling snow, raking leaves or heavy spring cleaning) or taking on extra work if Mom and Dad are really busy.

It's important, though, to resist creating jobs just for them to make the money. That doesn't help them learn much about earning for doing needed work. Instead, take a good look at what already needs to be done and choose an age-appropriate task. Once you have agreed on the work to be done, be sure to pay a good but not indulgent rate.

  • Create a neighborhood service business. This can be an ideal option for young entrepreneurs who want their own business and not just a little extra spending money for the week. While some neighbors may mow their own lawns, water flowers and pull weeds, other neighbors don't always have to time to do those tasks. This is a great opportunity to start a business to fill those needs and to see how kids can make money by providing valuable services.

    Older kids can do nearly all outdoor lawn maintenance, but even younger kids can start a business that they can do. Parents can help get the business off the ground by helping the kids create flyers and deliver them door-to-door or put them in mailboxes. Make sure these flyers contain contact information, service details and prices. Elderly neighbors and those that are too busy to do the work make ideal clients. Parents may need to be available to supervise but not to become a partner in the business.

  • Make crafts to sell on eBay or Etsy. Kids can be craft-making machines. And some of the crafts can be really good - good enough to sell. Young entrepreneurs can make this hobby into a online venture. EBay offers a no-pressure situation where kids can see business in action.

    Kids will need a parent to help set up the account. This is made pretty simple with all of the online instructions and help that eBay provides. Take pictures of the items and help

    your child write a description of them for a viewing audience. Selling on eBay introduces kids to the art of owning and maintaining a business. works in a similar way and can actually be more price-friendly since it doesn't have the same pricing structure as eBay. Figuring out which site works best for their crafts can be a part of their learning the business process, too.

  • Babysit - at home. For younger kids who aren't ready to babysit other kids, this can be an option to both experience how kids can make money and get experience for future babysitting jobs. You know your child best, but most eight or nine year olds can monitor and entertain a three year old. A parent will still need to be in the house but this can be a huge help if you are trying to cook dinner, finish a work project or do household chores. Make sure they follow basic house rules and babysitting safety guidelines. but keep it simple so they can be sure to follow them. Many kids earn money babysitting and learning the basics at home can be a great start.
  • Have a yard or garage sale. Yard sales are an excellent way for kids to make a few bucks and clean their rooms at the same time. They can get rid of outgrown toys and clothing and make some money in the process. This is also a great way to "recycle" items so that they continue to get used instead of being carted off to a landfill.

    An alternative to this is to consider consignment or resale shops in your area. These stores often buy merchandise from others to then resell. It can be less hassle than having your own sale, but the stores can be picky about what they take. You can sell your better items to the stores and then have a sale of your own with the rest. Kids make money, good items get a new life and it keeps the amount of throw-away items down - that's a three-way win.

  • Kids are hard workers, and they know how kids can make money. They just need some guidance and the opportunity to do it! Asking for more work and wanting to earn their own money is a sign that they are learning how valuable money can be to their lives. These five easy ways kids make money are just a start. For even more ideas, be sure to check out my review (and recommendation) of the ebook "Kids Business Ideas."

    Have A Great Idea for How Kids Can Make Money?

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