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Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money

how can teachers earn extra money

by Erin Macpherson

By guest blogger Robyn Shulman of Ed News Daily

Making money online can be a challenging task for anyone. However, there are a few special areas that teachers can look into to make some extra money. These ideas are recommended in addition to one’s job, not as a full supplement. I have personally used a few of these ways myself, and have brought it in a decent amount of extra money. Remember, all of these suggestions require patience, a bit of learning, and some time and effort. Start making some extra money now:

1. Teachers Pay Teachers: A unique site that allows teachers to buy created materials from each other. They have an open marketplace and also have thousands of items for free. If you have a great book, and/or curriculum materials to sell, then this may be a great option for you. You can also make money with their referral program. To sign up for an account, please visit Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here .

2. Become a teacher/editor on eNotes: eNotes editors are responsible for participating in and moderating the interactive features, and contributing content to their site. Editors are compensated for their contributions. Editors do some or all of the following on eNotes:

  • Answer questions from students and teachers in the Question and Answer areas.
  • Moderate and contribute to discussions.
  • Contribute original content to study guides and lesson plans.
  • Get paid to share documents and teaching materials you have created in the document exchange.

I have not personally used this site, however, it does look interesting and different. Check it out at:

3. CashCrate: This is a neat way to make a bit of extra money, but does require time. Their offers are interesting, as you can take surveys, sign up for samples, test products and play games to earn money. The earnings can range from $0.25 to over $30.00 depending upon the things you choose to do. You can also save points and earn gift cards. Sign up is fast and easy. To visit Cash Crate, please click: Cash Crate – Get Paid For Your Opinion

4. Elance: Become a freelance writer for Elance. There are thousands of jobs posted every day.

I have bid on a few and receive about five offers a week to write. They also have some great academic and blogging jobs. Be very aware of the offer, as there are also many people looking to receive high quality writing for pennies. Pay close attention, do some searching and you can begin making some decent extra money. You will find both companies and individuals looking for virtual help. Get started today.

5. Open a store on eBay: If you have anything to sell, eBay is a great place to start. You can open your very own store and make money selling your items or services. There are stores for almost any item one may need. If you have a lot of books, eBay is the place to sell. Register by clicking the following link: Sign Up Here

6. Become a tutor with Wyzant. Wyzant is always looking for new tutors. I signed up and within one week, I had three requests for jobs. They do take a cut, however, you can make a good amount of extra money, especially if you are good at tutoring. Check out Wyzant here: WyzAnt Tutoring

7 & 8. Squidoo and HubPages: Sign up for an account on Squidoo or Hubpages and start blogging away. Squidoo provides you with Google ads automatically and you become an affiliate with You can also promote any product by blogging about it. There are many affiliate programs to choose from including:

  • Commission Junction (I really like this one and they have great advertisers).
  • LinkShare
  • ShareASale. Love, love, love this affiliate program. They have great support too.
  • FlexShare: I just started using this program and I like their merchants. If you would like an invitation to sign up for FlexShare, please contact me via my contact form here.
  • MaxBounty: This is one of my favorite affiliates. They provide a personal manager who checks in with you and provides amazing support. They also have some very unique offers. Click here to sign up (you should have some type of website prior to signing up as they review for quality).

If you are looking to save money as well, don’t forget to check out my Teacher Discount Page and Brad’s Deals Live .

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