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How can we earn money through internet

how can we earn money through internet


You have most likely seen or heard about this project on TV programs such as 20/20 and Oprah, or you may have read about it in the Wall Street Journal. If not, here it is below - revealed to you in step-by-step detail. This program is by no means new. However, thanks to Pay Pal and the Internet, the investment is now virtually ZERO! And what's more, the entire process is FASTER, EASIER, and MORE LUCRATIVE than it has EVER been!

How to Turn $6 into $15,000 in 30 Days with Pay Pal

Let's get started, just follow the instructions exactly as set out below and then prepare yourself for a HUGE influx of cash over the next 30 days! Here's what you need to do.

STEP 1 - Setting up your FREE Premier or Business Pay Pal Account

It's extremely safe and very easy to set up a FREE Pay Pal account! Copy and paste this to the address bar (notice the secure "https" within the link)

Be sure to sign up for a free PREMIER or BUSINESS account in order to receive credit card payments from other people.

STEP 2 - Sending PayPal money "It is an undeniable law of the universe that we must first give in order to receive."

Now all you have to do

is send $1.00 by way of PayPal to each of the six email addresses listed below.







Subject should be *$1 empire * (this keeps the program 100% legal. Your message should say Add me to your mailing list.

Remember, all of this is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! You are creating a service!

If you have any doubts, please refer to Title 18 Sec.1302 & 1241 of the United States Postal laws.

STEP 3 - Adding Your Email Address

After you send your six $1.00 payments, it's your turn to add your email address to the list!

Take the 1) email off the list that you see above, move the other addresses up one (6 becomes 5 & 5 becomes 4, etc) then put YOUR email address (the one used in your PayPal account) as 6) on the list.

STEP 4 - The Pure Joy of Receiving PayPal Money!

You are now ready to post your copy of this message, to at least 200 newsgroups, message boards, etc. (I think there are close to 32,000 groups)

Copy this entire letter on your computer and paste it into Notepad file to add your email

to the list. Save your new Notepad file as a .txt file.

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