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How Do Companies Motivate Their Employees?

how companies motivate employees

Part of a manager's job is to motivate employees when he feels they aren't working to their full abilities. Workers sometimes become demotivated when faced with difficult situations, such as an overload of duties or conflicts with management. Explore the various ways that you can go about motivating employees to produce a better overall result at the company.

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Importance of Employee Motivation

Employees often need motivation from employers to constantly maintain or increase productivity. The need for motivation in the workplace sources from a variety of issues, ranging from low morale to high turnover. Employees sometimes experience fatigue and work burnout over time --- it helps them to know that they have the support and encouragement of management to keep moving forward.

Monetary Rewards

One way that employees motivate employees is by offering monetary rewards. Many workers are motivated by money when it comes to completing job duties. An incentive pay program equates their successful performance with monetary gifts, such as cash bonuses and

gift certificates. Some companies offer stock and profit-sharing plans to keep workers motivated --- they know that over time they're building wealth because of their association with the company.

General Thanks (Nonmonetary)

Sometimes a simple thank you or general acknowledgement motivates employees. Nonmonetary rewards not only allow the company to save money, but sometimes their effect is just as potent as that of giving money. Examples of nonmonetary rewards include posting employee bulletin boards showing progress, giving workers certificates of appreciation and simply taking time to thank an employee for what she's done in a business meeting.

Special Events and Employee Reviews

Another way that companies motivate employees is by throwing special or regular events to show their appreciation for the workforce in general. For example, some companies hold appreciation day picnics and award ceremonies to acknowledge individuals or everyone at the job. Another important regular motivational event is the annual employee review. When managers provide positive feedback at these reviews, it can inspire workers to become more productive.

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