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How do i calculate unemployment compensation

how do i calculate unemployment compensation

Appeal Process

The Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Law provides an opportunity for a fair and impartial hearing to any party who disagrees with a determination issued by the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program. The Appeal Hearing Guide explains how the appeal hearing process works.

Appeals must be filed electronically, mailed, or faxed within the timeframe specified on the determination to be appealed. Instructions for filing an appeal are printed on all determinations.

An appeal submitted online or by fax is not considered filed until the department actually receives it. The following are the progression of appeals:

  1. FIRST LEVEL HEARING : The hearing will be scheduled with an unemployment law judge. Hearings are conducted by telephone unless circumstances of a particular case make it impractical to conduct the hearing by telephone.

    RECONSIDERATION : Any decision handed down by an Unemployment Law Judge in a first level hearing may be reviewed by the same unemployment law judge if a request for reconsideration is filed within 20 calendar days of the mail date of the decision.

  • COURT OF APPEALS HEARING: Any reconsidered decision by an Unemployment Law Judge may be taken to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Instructions to appeal a reconsidered decision are available at
    1. Click Clerk of Appellate Courts (located on the left navigation bar)
    2. Scroll down to Popular Forms. and select Unemployment Packet .
  • If you remain unemployed, it is important to continue to make requests for benefit payments every week while awaiting a final decision. You can only be paid for weeks that have been properly requested.

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