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How to Fix the Sony C:13:01 Error

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I am Madhu, I have sony cybershot digital camera model T7 and currently I am getting error C:13:01 error.I have changed memory stick however still I am getting the same. Please let me know what all are the options I need to try to fix the problem. appreciate your quick response.

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From what I know of this error it seems to occur because of a bad connection between the contacts of the memory card and of the camera. Because of this the fixes that I provide attempt to fix a possible contact issue. I recommend that you try the card in a memory card reader (you can buy one for very cheap) before attempting the fix in order to get your pictures off first.

Fix One:

Find yourself a pencil with an eraser at the end. Take

the memory stick and rub the gold contacts gently with the eraser. Do this for 20-30 seconds until you’ve covered the entire surface of the contacts. Then insert the card into the camera, switch to “setup” mode and turn the camera on. This should turn off the error message.

The person I heard this fix from recommends you then format the card using the cameras format command.

Fix Two:

We will try to make sure that there is a proper connection between the contacts on the memory card and the camera. To do this remove and insert the memory stick several times over. Some recommend 5, 10, and even 20 times. The point is to get that card to align properly.

Fix Three:

Try to wiggle the card until the error disappears. This should restore contact.

Fix Four:

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