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How to plan a Wine Themed Bridal Shower

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I have quite a few close girlfriends who have recently gotten married. Over the years I have had the pleasure of helping them with their wedding planning and have been the Maid of Honor in four of those weddings. Needless to say, I have learned a thing or two about event planning. For anyone who has been in a wedding, you know, that it can be a lot of work… But it can also be a lot of fun. The MOH also has a lot more that she’s in charge of and with helpful sites and tips to follow the job can be fairly easy. Today I’d like to write about how I planned my friend’s Bridal Shower and what worked and didn’t work for me. First – manage your time and make your lists…


After I confirmed the date with the bride to be I started PINNING up a storm on Pinterest with ideas for the party. We decided for this party that we would have it in November as she’d be home visiting family for the holidays and that we’d have a Vineyard/Wine themed party.

There was many hours spent at hobby lobby walking up and down the aisles looking at all the FUN DIY craft ideas. It was hard to just pick a few but in order to keep a budget and get everything done in time it’s helpful to only pick a few things to DIY for the party. Unless you have help… Then I say the more crafts the better!

Something that makes a party stand out is the personal touches. My friend LOVES wine and vineyards and I wanted to make her party extra special so I decided to hand make the invitations. I saw a great idea on ETSY for wine bottle invitations and below is what I came up with.

I used brown card stock paper for the bottles and scrapbooking paper for the lables. I used a black card stock paper for the S & J tags and cut the design out from a decal that was on a dresser drawer handle. I’m telling you… The more creative the better. ) I used hemp string to tie everything together and ordered custom made stamps from

Add Personal Information under white out area

The next project I wanted to tackle was making marquee letters with the bride and grooms initials.  Again, I found this on Pinterest! I used cardboard block letters and spray painted them with metallic spray paint. Then I cut the back side of the letters with a razor blade and stuck LED lights in the letters. Finally I glued the cut out back and viola! Awesome Marquee Letters!

Adding to the wine theme I wanted to do something with wine corks and had pinned MANY ideas about what crafty things can be done with wine corks. A few

that caught my eye were wine cork letters, cork key chains, a cork heart and cork votive holders. I decided to make all four!

Again I went to my local HOBBY LOBBY  and bought wood letter initials and got to work.

1) Wood Letters


3) Hot Glue Gun

4) Patience!

Some of the corks needed to be cut down and what helps is soaking the corks for a few hours and then using a sharp knife to cut them into the shape that you need.

Every party needs party favors! I wanted to stick with the wine theme and made wine cork key chains for the guests. The materials needed are as follows:

Screw the eye into one of the ends of the wine cork; I used Gorilla Glue to make sure it stuck! Then thread the key chain through the screw. On the other end screw in another eye and tie beading wire to it and start threading on your embellishments.

1) Cork Board for the base

2) Wine Corks

3) Ribbon

4) Hot Glue Gun

5) Glass votives

I cut a circle out of the cork board and glued the corks around the edge. Then I glued the ribbon around the corks and slipped the votive into the center… SO EASY!

There were some other crafts that I decided to make for the party as well just to add the finishing touches. I’m sure I’ll blog about those in later posts…

After the crafting it was time to get ready for the big day! The night before I arrived at the venue site, which was my friend’s mothers house. I planned the party to run for 3 hours between lunch and dinner. This seemed like a good time because that way you can get away with just providing snacks and not a full sit down meal. My friends mom said to leave the cooking, food and flowers to her so CHECK that one off the list.  When ever possible – DELEGATE –  tasks to anyone who is willing to help as it makes the day flow.

My mother helped me with the cupcakes and the only thing crafty I wanted to add was the I DO tags toppers.

One final thing that you’ll want to confirm with the bride to be is whether or not she wants games at the party. My bride to be wanted games, but none that involved touching or weird smelling things… HAHAH! I picked a few classic games to play, Word Search, Name who Said what from past facebook status updates and to guess the brides age in various pictures gathered from around her mothers house.

The day was beautiful and the bride to be and all of the guests enjoyed the food, the fun and best of all… THE WINE!

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