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Reclaim & Boost Tesco Vouchers

Clubcard basics

Regular shoppers at retail megalith Tesco earn Clubcard points. Every three months it sends the points as vouchers, yet it's possible to gain massive extra value.

How do you earn Clubcard points?

Flash your Clubcard at Tesco and you bag one point per pound spent. You can also earn via partners such as E.on, Esso and Living Social - see its full list.

When you earn over 150 points in a three month period, Tesco sends your points as Clubcard Vouchers to use in-store or online. If you don't reach the threshold in any one quarter, your points carry over and it sends vouchers at the end of the next quarter you earn 150 points in. Vouchers are valid for two years.

For devoted points chasers, the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card* gives one Clubcard point for every Ј4 you spend on it (18.9% representative APR). Though you could get a better return with a cashback card - for full help and options, see Cashback Credit Cards.

The Tesco Bank current account also gives Clubcard points on spending. Customers get one extra point for every Ј4 spent in-store (on transactions of at least Ј4) and on Tesco fuel, and one point for every Ј8 spent elsewhere (on a transaction of at least Ј8) when using their debit card. Note there's a Ј5/mth fee if you don't pay in at least Ј750/mth. You can do better though - see Top Current Accounts for how to get up to 5% interest or an Ј150 bonus.

How much are Tesco vouchers worth?

While 500 points equals a fiver to spend in-store, you can trade it for up to four times that value (ie, Ј20) on Boost Partner items. These include restaurant vouchers, jewellery and train tickets (see our Top 10 ).

Alternatively, its Boost at Tesco scheme lets you to double your points' value by spending them in some departments in-store and online - and this summer it includes electricals at Tesco Direct.

Reclaim lost Tesco vouchers

Many people lose or forget to use their Tesco vouchers, but there’s an easy way to claw back the last two years of unused vouchers (some report successes from even further back).

Log in online.

Go to the Tesco Clubcard* site and enter your details. When you log in, the site asks you for your email address, password and Clubcard number to access your account.

Make sure you're registered.

You'll need to be registered for a account. Tesco says doing this means you won't miss out on money-off codes the first time you shop (see Tesco Discount Codes ).

Check for unspent vouchers.

In your Clubcard account, click on 'my vouchers' on the left-hand side and you should see a table listing the vouchers you still have to spend.

Instantly print vouchers or use the codes online.

If you want to spend vouchers online, you simply need to use the code listed, eg, beginning "A6TCD". To spend in-store, print vouchers yourself to use instantly.

Friends and family not online?

If you're telling friends and family how to reclaim lost vouchers, but they don't have internet access, there is another way. Just phone Tesco customer services, and its staff will check whether you have any vouchers to spend. If so, it'll cancel the lost vouchers and add the points onto your balance for your next statement, so you'll get them re-issued.

Just based on those who've reported it to us, MoneySavers have so far found Ј32,952 in lost Tesco vouchers! That's worth up to Ј131,808 when converted into Clubcard Rewards vouchers - and the real total's likely to be much more.

Here are some MoneySavers who've shown it's worth the effort:

WOW - I've got Ј413 of unspent vouchers! Double that for Christmas - I think we'll be alright. Or quadruple with Virgin Holidays? Ridiculously excited.

Almost Ј600 worth of vouchers going back nearly three years. I knew I had a lot and this new website saved me having to dig though piles of old paperwork.

Thanks to your article, we found that we had nearly Ј150 of unclaimed Tesco vouchers! We have already doubled the vouchers' value online, which has been incredibly useful for Christmas.

Thanks for the tip on checking unused vouchers - just found over Ј50 worth not used - don't know how that happened but am happy to spend them now!

The online system will only show current vouchers. Tesco keeps Clubcard vouchers on your account for two years, so you can find and use any vouchers from up to two years ago.

Your account details will show you the code needed to redeem rewards online, so you'll be able to use them straight away.

No, Tesco's Boost tokens are non-refundable, even if they haven't been used. They're generally valid for six months from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated. Find more info on the Tesco* website.

Can I trade in cashback for Clubcard points?

If you've money squirrelled away with cashback site Topcashback*. there's another way to boost your Tesco points stash. You can now trade in every Ј10 of cashback for 1,050 Tesco Clubcard points. This equals Ј10.50 to spend in-store, but up to Ј42 in Clubcard Boost deals (see Top 10 deals below).

If you're new to cashback sites, they work by giving you a cut of revenue earned for directing you to retailers and providers. See full help and warnings in the Top Cashback Sites guide.

You can swap a maximum of Ј50 of Topcashback earnings for Tesco points per year, worth up to Ј200 in Boost with Clubcard Partner deals. There's no minimum amount of cash you can exchange - every 20p is worth 21 Tesco points. This is an ongoing offer.

How to convert cashback into Tesco points

Log on to your Topcashback* account, click My Profile and Payment Details and register your Clubcard number.

To request payment click Payout Details in the Navigation box on the right-hand side, then scroll down to Clubcard Vouchers.

Click Payable - points will reach your Tesco account in a few days.

How to exchange if you've more than Ј50 in your Topcashback account

Because the maximum cashback you can exchange for Tesco points is Ј50, if you currently you have more than this in your account you'll have to 'split' your balance for it to work:

Log into your account and go to the Payout tab. Then click the option at the top to 'Split your pay-out by merchant' to see a list of all your cashback transactions.

Unfortunately, if you've earned more than Ј50 cashback in one transaction, you can't swap any part of that amount for Tesco vouchers. For example, if you bagged Ј60 for buying a car insurance policy, you can't convert Ј50 of that into Tesco points. It's also worth noting the list of all your cashback transactions will only show if you've more than one transaction payable.

Boost your points to get max value

Once you've got your stash of points, the challenge is to make the most of them. Spend 500 points on your groceries at the checkout and you'll save a fiver - but spend them in the right way and you can really max their value.

Its Summer Boost scheme (full info below) lets you swap Ј5 of vouchers for Ј10 to spend in selected departments, and at Tesco Direct.

Up to 4x value with Clubcard partners - including our top 10 deals

You can get the biggest boost to your points' value by exchanging vouchers for Clubcard Boost* tokens to spend with its partners. They can be spent on days out, restaurants, train tickets and more. It varies, but in some cases you can redeem your points for up to four times their normal value (ie, 500 points gets you Ј20 in vouchers).

The pricing for Clubcard Boost is based on companies' list prices. Always check you're really getting three or four times the value before committing. So before exchanging Ј20 for something with a Ј60 RRP, check the price elsewhere in case it's cheaper and you're better off using the Clubcard voucher for something else.

Here are our top 10 picks from Tesco's Clubcard Boost with partners scheme.

Restaurant vouchers, including Prezzo and Cafe Rouge - up to 4x value (though check first that other 2for1s aren't available)

Every Ј2.50 gives Ј10 in vouchers for restaurants, including Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge, Prezzo and Strada. Read more

Brochure: Restaurant Deals*

Estimated value. 4x voucher value

There's an important caveat with this deal - some of the listed restaurants offer 2for1 vouchers separately (see Cheap Restaurant Deals ). If you can grab one of those, save your Clubcard vouchers for something else as this means they'll effectively only be worth twice the value.

But if you can't get a 2for1, Clubcard Boost tokens are worth four times the value - which makes it well worth the swap.

Full terms and conditions apply - usually the vouchers can be spent on food only.

Reason for being a top pick? With a range of restaurants to choose from and at four times the value, they're a good swap to boost a family meal out - but only if no other deals are available for that restaurant.

  • Ј4.50 cinema tickets at Cineworld, Odeon or Movie House - up to 3x value but only worth it in pricey areas

    Swap Ј4.50 in vouchers (Ј3.50 for children) for a Cineworld* or Odeon* cinema ticket. It's Ј3.50 for adults at Movie House*. Read more

    Estimated value: It depends - up to 3x value in pricey areas, as little as 1.5x where tickets are cheaper. Before you book check our Cheap Cinema Tickets page.

    How to do it: When you exchange vouchers for Cineworld or Odeon tickets, you'll be emailed a voucher with a code. You can't use the Cineworld voucher to book by phone - you can book online (but a 50p booking fee applies to each ticket) or print and take it to the cinema to redeem.

    Odeon lets you redeem the code when booking online, via its mobile app or buying in person. You can't redeem the Movie House voucher online or by phone - you must take it to the cinema. Codes must be used within six months.

    There's no limit per customer on the amount of vouchers you can exchange.

    Reason for being a top pick? Cinema tickets are always popular but have become increasingly expensive in recent years (typically Ј10+ depending on where you are), so this a great deal - and if you're a regular at the flicks the savings can soon add up.

  • Magazine subscriptions, including InStyle and Marie Claire - 2x value but check direct offers before signing up

    Between Ј6-Ј41 in vouchers gets you subscriptions (from 3 months to a year) to one of a variety of magazines, including InStyle and Marie Claire. Read more

    Brochure: Magazine subscriptions*

    Estimated value. 2x voucher value

    Normally these cost about Ј16-Ј99 depending on the magazine (though it varies widely), sometimes doubling the face value of the Clubcard rewards. However, it's sometimes possible to beat this with a free gift special offer. See the Magazine Subscription Offers thread.

    Reason for being a top pick? This is always popular with forumites and a safe bet if you'll read the magazines.

  • Jewellery from Goldsmiths - 3x value, great if buying bling

    Every Ј10 Clubcard voucher gets you a Ј30 Goldsmiths voucher, so a Ј600 ring will cost Ј200 in Tesco vouchers. Read more

    Brochure: Goldsmiths*

    Estimated value: Up to 3x voucher value

    If you're planning a big jewellery purchase this can be a great way to wring maximum value from your Clubcard points.

    There's no minimum spend with these vouchers at the time of writing, though Tesco has warned this may change, so check before you buy.

    If you're saving up for something, be careful. Only convert when you have the full amount you need, and use vouchers quickly. While Goldsmiths is a big company, if it went bust you'd probably lose the cash, so ensure you minimise the time between buying and redemption. See the Giftcards - your rights MSE news story.

    It's also worth noting, while you can use as many vouchers as you want, Goldsmiths will also only accept one code against the purchase.

    Goldsmiths is generally reasonably-priced and competitive for branded items but you may find cheaper elsewhere, so always do a price comparison (see the MegaShopBot ) before converting.

    Reason for being a top pick? If you want something specifically from Goldsmiths, this is practically a cash discount. Particularly for those looking for engagement rings, this can seriously boost spending power. It was even better in the past, as you got four times the value, but currently it's only three.

  • Train booking with RedSpottedHanky - 2x value, but beware of the booking and delivery fees

    Trade in Clubcard vouchers to spend at train booking site RedSpottedHanky and you get 2x their in-store value, so Ј5 becomes Ј10. You'll need to beware the new booking fee though. Read more

    Estimated value: 2x voucher value

    In our check, prices were usually identical or very similar to other train ticket sites, so this is a decent saving. However sadly the site now charges a Ј1 booking fee and Ј1 standard delivery fee - see the Booking train tickets at RedSpottedHanky? MSE news story for more info.

    Reason for being a top pick? While this is two times value, rather than three or four, as it's money off train tickets and they're a standard price, this is almost a cash redemption for someone who needs to make a journey by train - although you'll need to stomach the booking fee. For more tricks to slash train fares, see Cheap Trains .

  • Days out including London Zoo and Hampton Court Palace - up to 4x value and perfect for a cheap family excursion

    Get Ј10 days out tokens for Ј2.50 Clubcard vouchers. Read more

    Brochure: See all days out vouchers*

    Estimated value : Up to 4x if no alternative vouchers or deals are available.

    You can exchange Ј2.50 in vouchers for Ј10 towards your entry ticket at London Zoo, Paradise Wildlife Park and many more.

    It's worth checking first though if you can get a 2for1 deal for the attraction you're visiting, in which you might be better off using your Clubcard Boost vouchers for something else. Here's a few of the top attractions:

    Lightwater Valley - Tesco is currently the best deal

    Tower of London -Tesco is currently the best deal (although you can get a 2for1 with National Rail after 31 August)

    Until 26 Aug, you can get one Alton Towers* ticket for Ј2.50 of Clubcard vouchers, plus Ј15 of cash. You buy a code for Ј2.50 of vouchers, then log on to Alton Towers’ site to select your day and pay the Ј15.

    An adult gate ticket at Alton Towers is Ј50 but Ј38 seven days in advance online normally, so this is a decent saving.

    Reason for being a top pick? It's a good way to cut the cost of family days out, but check for other offers before converting.

  • Avios (formerly Air Miles and BA Miles) - typically 2.5x value but you have to pay taxes and charges

    Convert Clubcard vouchers into Avios points and Ј2.50 becomes 600 points, so Ј37.50 could get you a cheap Eurostar return to Paris. Read more

    You have to pay taxes and charges. Unlike the old Air Miles system, Avios charges passengers taxes and fees on flights. Yet under its Reward Saver scheme, you pay a fixed Ј35 fee on BA economy flights in zones 1-3 (mainly Europe, see Avios' map for a full list), if you've earned at least one Avios point in the year before you book.

    You don't pay taxes on Eurostar trips, which makes them an excellent value exchange.

    For 30+ ways to max your Avios points, see the full Boost Avios Points guide.

    Estimated value:

    Avios* 2.5x voucher value

    1,000 Avios points are typically worth Ј8-Ј11 (though up to Ј20 if you spend them on business class). So Ј12.50 in Clubcard vouchers normally buys Ј30-ish in Avios points.

    Avios says the main Avios scheme's better for irregular travellers and BA Exec's best for frequent flyers, offering benefits such as free airport lounge access. However, you can pool Avios and BA Exec points, so if you change your mind later, it doesn't matter.

    Reason for being a top pick? It's an easy way to boost Avios points. The return's typically 2.5x value, but much more if you redeem during an extra Avios promo period and spend in the right way (eg, on the Eurostar, where you don't pay additional taxes).

  • Day trips to France with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle - 3x value, but check ferry prices as they are often even cheaper

    Ј10 in Clubcard vouchers gets Ј30 in Eurotunnel Rewards vouchers. Read more

    Brochure: Eurotunnel Le Shuttle*

    Estimated value. 3x voucher value

    When we looked, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle ticket prices generally started from about Ј54 each way. So unless you can grab one of its rare cheap return specials, this is a good way to cut the total cost.

    If you aren't fussy about how you get to France though, it's also worth considering ferry deals - they can be even cheaper.

    Reason for being a top pick? This stacks up well in the value stakes, unless you can track down a deal (see Cheap France Day Trips ).

  • Merlin Pass: Alton Towers, Chessington, Thorpe Park - 3x value though really best for frequent thrillseekers

    A standard Merlin Annual Pass costs Ј50 in Clubcard vouchers. Passes are valid for unlimited entry for one person to Merlin attractions (which include Alton Towers, Legoland and Chessington) for 12 months. Read more

    Estimated value: 3x voucher value

    Brochure: This is a big saving as at the time of writing a Merlin Pass is Ј169. You can get it for Ј50 in Clubcard vouchers, which means you're getting more than three times the value for your points. See Merlin Pass* details.

    Reason for being a top pick? This is super-popular with thrill-seeking forumites. But if you're only going to make the odd visit, stick to 2for1 Theme Park Deals.

  • RAC breakdown cover - up to 2x value but check elsewhere before committing

    What you get varies depending on the policy you choose. For example, Ј16 in Clubcard vouchers gets you single, roadside-only RAC cover, which normally costs about Ј28 if you buy online. Read more

    Brochure: RAC*

    Estimated value: 1-2x voucher value

    The value depends on the cover you choose - there's a full rundown, including a chart comparing the Clubcard cost with the standard cost, in Cheap Breakdown Cover .

    New Clubcard double-up - halve gadget & other costs

    Until Sun 13 Sept, Tesco's Summer Boost* lets you swap every Ј5 of Clubcard vouchers for Ј10 in various categories and, for the first time in a year, on most things on Tesco Direct, its equivalent of the Argos catalogue.

    How does it work?

    Tesco runs this double points promo on and off throughout the year - here's where and how you can spend your vouchers this time round.

    • Tesco Direct (eg, Nutribullets, Kindles)

    The scheme works on all Tesco Direct* items (except those sold by partner retailers, phones and baby formula), including gadgets, toys and furniture. Bargains we spotted include a Kindle Fire HD 6* for Ј39.50 in vouchers, normally Ј79 on Tesco Direct (the next cheapest we found was Ј79) and a Nutribullet* juicer for Ј42.25 in vouchers, normally Ј84.50 (next cheapest Ј85).

    There's also a three-piece garden set* for Ј20 in vouchers, normally Ј40 (similar sets are Ј60ish). Please note, these products may sell out or change price.

    Enter your Clubcard voucher codes at checkout and it automatically doubles their value.
  • In-store (eg, toys, games, gifts)

    Here are the departments where you can spend Boost vouchers in-store: clothing, toys, electricals, entertainment & books, garden, home, phones, sports, technology and gaming, DIY and car care, stationary & gifts. Clothing includes school uniforms - handy as kids head back to school.

    To exchange Clubcard vouchers for Boost tokens to spend in-store, head to the customer services desk (not Express stores) or swap them on the Clubcard* site.
  • (eg, womenswear, school uniforms) The scheme covers everything at including menswear, womenswear and school uniforms. To spend here, you need to decide how many vouchers you want to use and order e-coupons on the Clubcard* site.
  • Opticians (eg, contact lenses, frames)

    You can double vouchers' value at Tesco Opticians in-store and online, including contact lenses, prescription glasses and designer sunglasses.

    If shopping online, decide how many vouchers you want to use and order e-coupons on the Clubcard* site. For in-store opticians, you can order Boost tokens online or swap vouchers for tokens in-store.

  • The scheme works on items that are already on special offer, so look out discounts and 2for1s. There's a Ј10 minimum spend with Boost vouchers, in-store and online. Some exclusions apply - check the Clubcard Boost* terms before exchanging.

    You don't have to pay solely in Boost vouchers

    You can make up the rest in cash, but if you're doing that, it’s especially important to check it wouldn't be cheaper to pay straight elsewhere (use the MegaShopBot tool).

    Can you get change?

    You can't get change from Boost vouchers in-store, but you can on Tesco Direct. So if you double Ј45 to Ј90 and buy something costing Ј89.50, you get 25p as points in your next statement (as change is not doubled). Exchanged Boost tokens cannot be swapped back into points or into cash, so you need to be sure you'll use them before converting.

    How to complain about Tesco

    If you're not happy about with Tesco Clubcard or the service you receive at the supermarket, you should first contact Tesco in person, by phone, or in writing. However, if you're still not satisfied, then.

    Free tool if you’re having a problem

    If the complaint isn't resolved, Resolver with nudge you to escalate it to the relevant ombudsman and trade body.

    Resolver - free shopping complaints tool*

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