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How do i report a bad doctor

how do i report a bad doctor

I have been dealing with PVC's for over 2 years now. I wondered if the "Z-Pak" that I had taken plenty of, and was reported to cause Arthymia was the culprit. I come from a family with absolutely no heart ailments on both sides.

So, when I noticed the "skipped" beat, I got concerned. After a Stress test, Echo, many EKG''s, 1 day monitor's, 2 day monitors, 30 day event monitor, my Cardiologist decided to send me to an Electrophyicist. Now. For 2 years I wasn't given any medications, and was told to come back every few months or so. Now after over 2 years and thousands of PVC's per day. They want to get serious concerning the skipped beats."What?" Why wait for 2 years, I ask, then all of a sudden send me to an EP. The doc says the PVC's will

weaken the heart. Well I ask "Why have we waited all of this time, then?"f

I am becoming a little concerned with any diagnosis, to tell you the truth. I am a 67 year old female, I feel younger, and am basically healthy, with a lot of muscle and skeletal problems, though. I wonder if the R.A. And other problems are causing the skipped beats, because of inflammation.

I also have been exposed to a lot of "Energy" and wonder if it has messed with my electrical system.

I am really tired of these skipped beats controlling my life. I find if I try to forget, it does seem to help some. I will post after I see the EP, if I decide to even bother. Just too many different "perhaps its this or that" diagnoses, and no real answers.

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