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How do I report PayPal fraud or a PayPal Scam?

how do i report fraud

How do I report PayPal fraud or a PayPal Scam?

If you think you have experienced PayPal fraud or received a PayPal scam via email (e.g. a fake email pretending to be from PayPal), forward the entire email to, and delete it from your email account. If you came across a fake PayPal website, contact our Customer Service team.

  • The industry's most experienced fraud team is on your side

PayPal processes billions of dollars in payments each year, allowing us to continually perfect our anti-fraud protections. We also work with federal law enforcement to catch criminals. As a result, PayPal's loss rate is less than half of the industry average.

  • PayPal actively stops fraud before it happens

    PayPal looks at every payment in real-time. Our state-of-the-art fraud models and proprietary fraud engine work together to help stop fraudulent transactions before they

    happen. In addition, PayPal stays at the forefront of security, developing many anti-fraud technologies each year, helping to keep you safe from a potential scam.

  • Buyers are safe and secure with PayPal

    Your security is PayPal's top priority. If you're a buyer, you can make secure purchases online without the seller ever seeing your financial information, including your credit card number. Plus, when you use PayPal to pay for a qualified listing on, PayPal Buyer Protection provides up to $2,000.00 USD of coverage at no additional cost.

  • Sellers are protected from chargebacks

    If you're a seller, did you know that PayPal fights chargebacks on your behalf? On qualifying transactions. PayPal's Seller Protection Policy shields you from liability that you may be exposed to with a typical merchant account. From handling the paperwork to negotiating the argument, PayPal's experts fight chargebacks on the seller's behalf.

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