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How do i share a private video on youtube

how do i share a private video on youtube

Top Ten Things a virtual assistant did (this month)

Implemented a system for sending product brochures to customers of a mattress manufacturer on an immediate basis after they show interest in the product.

Jessica G. Intelligent Assistant

Manage the entire front-end of a prominent regional shuttle company client including answering questions, providing route information, scheduling reservations.

Identified a gap in customer services for a retail client and proactively created a solution to allow them to better serve their clients needs.

Deposited important cheques to a bank in Toronto for a client while they were working remotely in the Bahamas.

Manage all customer service for an Industrial Gas Detection Appliance

Distributor including updating clients on orders & order status, tracking information, and more.

Contacted several people on behalf of our Financial Planner client to invite them to a special seminar. This saved our client time and helped them to gain more business.

A client’s presentation materials hadn't yet arrived 1 hour before an important meeting. We printed, made copies and put together packets of replacement materials.

Organized and managed a Job Fair for a new business.  Greeted potential hires and handed out applications on our client's behalf.

Helped a client capture several new sales for their new heart device by answering all callers questions accurately and connecting them with a salesperson during the call.

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