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how do prepaid calling cards work is a provider of convenient prepaid, high quality and low cost international calling services. Taxes and fees may apply. Pingo is not responsible for any carrier charges you may incur from your local or mobile provider. Calls originating from a mobile or payphones may be subject to a surcharge or roaming charges imposed by your mobile phone provider which Pingo will not be held responsible. Pingo cannot be used for 911 calling. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and the Pingo End User Agreement (PEUA) for information. Pingo is not responsible for any charges you may incur from user error – please refer to information on how to use service and making calls. We reserve the right to close any account suspected of violating the Terms and Conditions, PEUA or apparent fraud.

To become a member of Pingo, a valid email address and credit card or PayPal account is required. All accounts will be verified

prior to activation.

Please note we have the ability to retain data that you provide on this website even if you do not complete your registration. Such contact details and data may be used to contact you to inquire why you did not complete your transaction. For full details see Privacy Policy.

End your reliance on disposable calling cards and high-priced providers!

All About the Most Popular Prepaid Calling Card Destinations. Phone Card rates, Dialing Codes & More.

Pingo offers international phone call options including a Canada calling card, India phone card, prepaid phone card, cell phone card, callingcards, calling cards philippines, online phone card, and other telephone card. When making an international call, using a calling card or phonecard is the best way to make cheap international calls. Our discount long distance calling card online works for international phones. When looking for a long distance card, consider a Pingo phone card international.

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