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How do prepaid envelopes work

how do prepaid envelopes work

How do I begin creating my design?

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On the Toolbar, Select View -->Grid Sheet Lines to display the sections your sign will be split into. As you design your sign, you will see how the graphics and text will be split onto the individual sheets that make up your sign.

An easy way to begin your design is to choose a pre-designed template as your starting point. Then make changes or additions to text, fonts and graphics as needed.

Since signs are typically viewed at a distance, use large font sizes for best readability.

Use contrasting colors and avoid too much clutter to improve impact and readability of your message.

Many of the included graphics can be modified. Click on the graphic then Select Format>Effects Gallery to change brightness, contrast, color saturation or employ special effects like embossing or solarizing.

When placing a

graphic so that it extends beyond the borders of the sign, Select Format>Crop in order to best view the final result and avoid potential print driver issues.

How do I import Graphics?

If you are importing images from a scanner or digital camera, it is important to note that the printed quality of an image from a scanner or digital camera depends on the settings of those devices. A general rule is the higher the resolution settings of those devices, the higher the print quality. It may be necessary to adjust these settings. For more information about settings, refer to your user manual and look under resolution or scale.

Scanner: Use your scanner’s scaling features (if available) to scale your scanned image to the approximate size used in your project.

DesignPro Sign Edition supports the following graphic formats. wmf. bmp. tip. jpg. pex. eps. pcd. tga. wpg and .img.

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