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Creates Your Financial Success In Recruitment Industry

Secrets to a Profitable & Successful Recruitment Agency Revealed!

Learn the Secrets to Generate Over 100 New Clients Within 2 Weeks and Close 3-5 times More Job Assignments than Your Competitors! 

Regardless of whether you are currently a recruitment consultant, a potential recruitment agency business owner, or a current business owner, you will discover a proven step-by-step approach to getting clients and candidates, and closing deals at a speed you have never encountered within the employment and recruitment agency industry before.

The Challenges in All Recruitment Agencies:

  • Most recruitment agency owners will never share their secrets of success with you. They will also protect their client lists and keep them under the tightest security so that you are not able to reach them…
  • Profit margin is shrinking every year as there are more competitors and price war…
  • Industry is getting tougher and tougher, more players entering every week …
  • There is little innovation and creativity; everyone is using the same old methods…
  • The list goes on. And the MOST important thing is that many players are exiting from the recruitment agency industry EVERY MONTH and are losing their hard earned money and the time invested in the business!

What Others Are Saying…

It provides unique service views as well as necessary financial principles needed to be successful. Information given is very detailed, providing the reader with a firm foundation of knowledge. It is well worth reading for the party interested in providing successful recruitment services.

–Barbara Green, United States

This manuscript is definitely a success. It is the bible for anyone who wants to start a recruitment business! And I seriously mean anyone! Let me just put it in simple words: It would create a fortune for the one who puts the book into practice.

Dougles really knows what he is talking about. He gives you that confidence of knowing what to do next because you see what’s around the corner. His manuscript has a good layout, and

it is easy to read. What I also like is that many of the tricks for running a recruitment business are also applicable to other areas, like how to handle clients. I learned a lot from this book.

For those aspiring HR personnel, this is a great treasure book that guides you to all you need to know about being in the recruitment industry. If Doug can, you can too! Why not read it and see where you will end up? You are the only one who can change how things will be. Use it to your advantage!

Getting started in the recruitment industry can be a daunting task in itself. Becoming financially successful is even harder. This guide will show you the correct way to work the recruiting industry. This is an amazing book full of information that is guaranteed to be an eye opener to anyone who is trying to get into or is already in the field of recruiting.

–Chris Gillis, Bangor, United States

The author emphasizes the proper usage of the term ‘forest fire’, which works like wonder! Very detailed instructions are given with layman terms explained. The reader would only want to continue reading for more. It is a simple formula that works for the recruitment of candidates. This manual is definitely worth the money!

–Jennifer Tan, Singapore

The Revolution Has Begun to Make You to Be Very Successful!

In 2007, the manuscript Financial Success in Recruitment Industry was created.

In May 2010, the training & coaching program Recruitment Apprentice was created and two batches of apprentices who wanted to excel in the recruitment agency industry were mentored.

Subsequently, Dougles Chan was invited by many businessmen to assist them in setting up their own recruitment agencies, which became great successes. Currently, Dougles Chan does private, one-to-one premium coaching and mentoring to serious players within the employment agency industry.

Dougles Chan in Action, Training & Mentoring….

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