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About the Death Penalty

how do u get the death penalty

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The use of the death penalty in the United States has been steadily declining in recent years. The death penalty is now largely isolated to only a small handful of states which actively use it. Despite this diminished use, the flaws and failures of the death penalty are more apparent than ever.

Visit the pages below to learn more about key problems with the death penalty.

Racial Bias Racial discrimination pervades the U.S. criminal justice system, resulting in disproportionate death sentences for people of color, especially African Americans. Read More navigateright

Innocence There are numerous cases of individuals who have been executed despite serious doubts about their guilt. NCADP is fighting to ensure that this

never happens again. Read More navigateright

Cost By eliminating the death penalty, states would have millions of dollars a year to invest in programs that are proven to prevent violent crime, create safer communities and support those who are harmed by crime and violence. Read More navigateright

Victims Any policy debate or criminal case dealing with capital punishment begins with the agonizing fact that someone in a family and in a community has been killed. A murder causes immeasurable suffering by victims’ families. Read More navigateright

Harm to Prison Workers The system of imposing the death penalty for crime has unintended — and largely unspoken — consequences for those who work in corrections. Read More navigateright

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