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USA 1934 Series Bonds

USA 1934 Series Bonds

Going back 27 years ago I saw my first 1934 Series Bonds – Federal Reserve Note Coupon Bond.  I was told the story of how these bonds were part of a secret cache of bonds from WWII.  The bonds were used by the US to coax (read: buy off)  Chang Kai-Shek in the late 1930 and 1940s to get him to actually fight the Japanese, and later the communists.  The bonds were created by some enterprising OSS Officers in China to in effect bribe a foreign official, the General of the Kuomintang (founded by Sun Yat Sen in 1912) to do what he was supposed to do in the first place.  In a short history lesson, Chang Kai-Shek hid the weapons because he was more afraid that the public would use the weapons to turn on him.   Chang Kai-Shek’s apprehension was correct and he fled to Taiwan in 1949 with cash and most of the national treasury of China.  But for some reason the bonds were left behind in China and stored in a climate-controlled cave.  These were exchanged with the Kuomintang for their gold so the Japanese couldn’t obtain it. The bonds were backed by all of the gold in the US treasury and now the Chinese want was purported to be their gold back!

Another 1934 bond origin tale goes back to 1871, involving two Freemasons who conspired to start two world wars and to force all of the nations to exchange their gold for these bonds that were essentially safekeeping receipts for the gold.  After WWI the Treaty of Versailles was set up to help rebuild the world and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) was created by the founders of the Federal Reserve.  All the gold in Europe—and, it appears, everywhere else—went to the US Government in exchange for these Series 1934 safe keeping receipts / bonds.  It is rumored that 8 ships departed China for the US with gold so it could not be by looted by the Japanese occupiers. In 1998 the 60 year hold ended, the

boxes were dug up, and the people who originally gave their gold for paper wanted it back.  The US said no such exchange occurred.  Later, in a secret court in the Hague, the US lost the litigation of the claim and was ordered to turn over the gold by September 11, 2001.  The US did not turn over the gold and the Twin Towers were attacked, accompanied by a mysterious collapse of the World Trade Center number 7.  Few knew the gold vaults were under building number 7, and fewer knew they were discovered to be empty after the collapsed structure was excavated down to the vault levels.  No doubt this was the heist of the century.

Details aside, most stories agree each “Mother Box” contains 13 cases and a Treaty Of Versailles scroll describing how to redeem the bonds. 12 of the cases contain the bonds.  Why twelve cases?  There are 12 Federal Reserve Districts and Banks.  The 13th case contains all of the safe transit and authentication papers.  The bonds are variously reported to have been found at plane crash sites in the Philippians, climate controlled caves run by the Dragon Family (Asia Secret Society) or heirs of the Plum Blossom Family (allegedly the true owners of the gold deposits covered by the said bonds), or even found in the vaults of Swiss Cantonal Banks when the banks were forced to repatriate booty from WWII in the 1980’s.  All excellent tale one can amuse oneself with but just searching for them on the web.

The Investigation

In any investigation, one needs to rely on a team of experts in different areas.  I have leaned on the expertise of professionals who are familiar with locks, collectors of antique chests, printing experts and those who are experts in the history of the Federal Reserve Bank and its relationship with the US Government and US Treasury.  In the analysis of this apparent fraud let’s begin with the outside and work our way in toward the cases and the bonds.

The Mother Boxes

Trunk 1 Composite, wood covered in metal

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