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How do you donate coins on club penguin

how do you donate coins on club penguin

Bradyman6’s Retirement

I have been in the CPPS community since twenty ten and I have already accomplished so much. It seems like it was yesterday when I was looking for a Club Penguin trainer when suddenly I came across a game called iCPv3. I was eleven years old at the time, and I remember looking at the posts on this very website about iCP, I wanted to blog for that very website and that dream had come true. That eleven year old boy never knew that he would become the CPPSHQ editor as well as staff members on well-known servers.

When I was first recruited to CPPSHQ in 2012, I had made a short post called, “New Contributor – Bradyman6” and that day, I was so proud to be a part of the team. Since twenty twelve, I have made a total of forty eight post’s including this one, and to make that many post’s in two years is quite an accomplishment in my books.

I will first make a list of my top ten private servers, and then I will select my favorite posts from the time I became contributor up until now. After all of that, I will then include the amazing people I have met and worked with, and I will then say my goodbyes.

Brady’s Top Ten Servers

  1. iCPv3 – I have always enjoyed the server “iCPv3”, it was always active with moderators, and the staff members knew how to do their job. Even though I was a quite a douche bag on the server, I made some great memories. I will never forget the great times I had on the server.
  1. iCPPS – It was hard after iCPv3 shutdown, however, a cure called “iCPPS” came along and made everything better. After iCPPS shutdown, another version came along; I made better memories on the second version than the first.
  1. Penguin Safari – I felt like I was at home when Penguin Safari came out, there was so much to do on the server, and the staff members were quite active when I was online. Though, when it had shutdown, it was quite a loss.
  1. HPPS – The first version of the game was quite amazing, and the staff members were active on it as well. Though, I didn’t really care much for the second version of the game.
  1. Atlantic Penguin – I never really played Atlantic Penguin that much, though I did design for the game, which was pretty cool. Even though the game was later filled with Mexicans, it was a good server in my opinion.
  1. – I know I was addicted to the game “” when it had first arrived. I couldn’t stop playing the game until finally one day, I decided to say “What the hell, I should do something else besides this.” Anyways, I had some pretty fun moments during the time it arrived up until now.
  1. CPEmulator – This server was completely awesome in my opinion. It was nice, and it became very popular when it was first released, and to add, I was a moderator on the game which was pretty cool!
  1. Mirai – I had a great time making posts for this server. I had always dreamed, however, to moderate the server but that dream had faded. It had awesome designs, and the staff members were quite friendly.
  1. Flippr – I loved moderating for this server, the staff members were great, and the users were great as well. Sandor made wicked designs while Timmy made some awesome codes for the server. It was quite an impressive server to say the least.
  2. Club Penguin +  – It had taken me quite some time to finish the post for the server, though I had a great time making the post about Club Penguin + on CPPSHQ. The features for the server were quite amazing, and the staff was quick to reply which was great. All in all, it was a great server to be on.

Introducing CPEmulator

August 11 th. 2012

This post was my second post that I had created on CPPSHQ, and to this day, I believe it was one of my greatest. I moderated for CPEmulator for about a month before it shut down, and I enjoyed every single moment of it. The post describes a lot about the server and it included important information about the server as well. And to add on top of that, our viewers liked the post!

You can view the post here .

CPYS Gets Ready for Halloween

October 6 th. 2012

“CPYS Gets Ready for Halloween” is the seventh post that I have made on CPPSHQ. I had made quite a few re-colored items for the server and moderated the game for a good couple of months until I decided to leave the community for a while. The post, just like the CPEmulator post, does not show much pictures of the game, however, the grammar is pretty good and the formatting is pretty good as well. Two-hundred and eighteen people liked the server according to a poll that I had made back in October, 2012. – World’s #1 Club Penguin Private Server

December 11 th. 2012

“ – World’s #1 Club Penguin Private Server” was the twenty-second post I had made on CPPSHQ. I made a few items for; however, none of my items were released to the public, probably because they were too terrible. I moderated for for about two months until I was inactive for a while. I had to re-format the post, however, the writing was quite good, and I described the server pretty well. Three-hundred and eighty-two people voted the server as “I think it’s an awesome game!” according to the poll that I had made back in December, 2012. – Welcome to the Future

December 14 th. 2013

“ – Welcome to the Future” was the thirty-first post I had made on CPPSHQ. I have never moderated for Mirai; however, I did make a blog for the server which can be viewed here, and three other posts about the server can be viewed here. I didn’t describe much of the server in words at the beginning of the post, though the pictures and the writing below the pictures make up for it.

New Flippr Update (March 30 th. 2014)

Interviewing Sandor

June 18 th. 2014

“Interviewing Sandor” was the forty-fifth post I have made on CPPSHQ. My first interview with Sandor became a success; the users seemed to like the interview as did I. I may have left out some important questions that I forgot to ask in the interview, however, that is over now, and this post would be considered one of my favorite posts that I have made.

You can view the post here .

Introducing: Club Penguin +

September 16 th. 2014

“Introducing: Club Penguin +” was the forty-eighth post I have made on CPPSHQ, which is the second last post I have made. I had the rank as “Blogger” on the server, which was pretty cool since I had access to all of the amazing features to the game. What I liked most about the post is that I didn’t miss out a single thing in the game, well, except for the custom buddy list feature. The post was very detailed, and the format was wonderful along with the pictures in my opinion.

You can view the post here .

I have had many great memories in this community, and I’ve crossed paths with great people as well during my time here. Not only have I made so many great memories or met great people, I’ve also gained so much experience in this community, experience that will help my future later on in my life. I’d like to give my thanks to the following people who have helped me along the way:

Connor had made me a mediator on iCPPS v2 when the game was online, and that was the very first big private server I was a staff member on. Thanks to him, I’ve gained experience along the way and am now making better decisions in my life.

Nuke was the first person who helped me create a private server, and of course the last since I won’t be planning on making any other in the future. We made a private server called, “iCPvX”, and that was the very first server I have ever made, and it will be the last as I said in the previous sentence.

Thomas has been awesome to me to me since the day I virtually met him. Thomas was the person who gave me the rank, “Author” as well as “Editor”, and for that, I am truly thankful.

d0pe added me to the CPPSHQ team back in twenty-twelve, and now, thanks to his decision, I’m the CPPSHQ Editor. D0pe was not only my boss, but a good friend as well, and I won’t forget the time he added me to the team.

Timmy made me a moderator on Flippr, and now thanks to him, I’m the Head Moderator on the game. Timmy was a great friend, and a kick-ass coder, but he was also a good person as well. He listened to my ideas and what I had to say, and for that, I’m thankful.

Sandor was a good friend who always responded to my questions and always listened to what I had to say. It was great working for Sandor on Flippr, and it was great having him as a friend as well.

This community has been great to me, and I have tried my best to be great to it, however, there is a time where you just have to let go and move on. I’ve spent many years in this community, and I have improved so much over the years thanks to the amazing people in the community. I know I have made quite a bit of “I’m leaving” post’s over the years, but this time, and I mean it, is true. I have made so much experience over the past years, and now, I can put it towards the future and make good positive decisions for myself and others. I will never forget the memorable times I’ve had in this community, and I will never forget any of you.

This time when I say I’m leaving, I truly am.

Thank you everyone for your awesomeness, I hope that I have done some good in your life, and I hope that somehow I have made you a better person. Goodbye everyone, and thank you for the awesome journey and have a happy new year to add.

Introducing: Club Penguin +

On August 23 rd. 2014, Club Penguin + was released and was in beta until September 7 th. 2014. CP+ has a social network connected to the game, and it has unique features that will blow your mind. You will notice that there are five different ranks in the server, though I will talk about that later on in the post.

When you have created your account on CP+ and have logged into the game, you will automatically be spawned in the welcome room. There will be a bot that will inform you about the features in the game, who to ask questions to, and to have fun in the game.

First off we have the amazing social network that is connected to the game. People are able to clone their friends, send their friends private messages and telling them what is on their mind by simply posting on their wall!

Players have the option to clone their friends by simply clicking the “friend” icon, and then they can choose whoever they would like to clone on their friend list by simply clicking on their penguin, and then selecting the “Clone Player” icon on their player card.

You can send your friend, and only your friend, a private message by either clicking on the mail icon which is featured in-game, and in the social manager.

You can also access the PM feature by logging into your Social account and clicking on the mail icon that is located on the top left hand side of the screen to the right of the notification icon (exclamation mark) and to the left of your penguin.

Club Penguin + also offers fantastic but not overwhelming features. Regular users have features such as the name color which will change your name color in-game, quick messages in which you can have up to five quick messages that you can write, custom jokes in which you can have up to eight jokes, and also the clone friend feature and the PM feature which was already mentioned earlier in the post.

When you are logged into the game of CP+, you will be able to change your name color by clicking on the Name Color icon which appears to have the letter “A” to the left of the text, is to the right of the custom jokes. When it is open, all you have to do is click on the box below “Edit your name color” and then select whichever color you may desire for your name.

You can make your own quick messages by logging into CP+ by clicking on the “Quick Messages” on the top left hand side, left to “Custom Jokes” which has an icon as what appears to be a chat bubble, and is to the right of mail icon.

While I’m not a comedian, I can still make my own jokes just by logging into CP+ and clicking on “Custom Jokes” which has an icon as what appears to be a wand, and is to the right of quick messages and to the left of name color.

The VIP upgrade is absolutely incredible! The upgrade only cost’s seven dollars and that seven dollars goes directly towards the server itself and keeps the server going. Currently, there are six features that are available for VIP, however, there will be more features added in the

future for VIP members and perhaps non-VIP members as well. I will tell you what the VIP upgrade offers.

When you are a VIP member, you will have a VIP badge which is located on the top right hand side of your player card in-game. You will be given the option to change your name color and glow, you will be able to change your bubble chat color and text, your penguin speed, an igloo bot which you can change, you will be able to clone other users, not just your friends, you can change your nickname once a week and you will be able to customize your background.

Regular users are able to use a name color; however, they are not allowed to use a name glow while the VIP members are able to. You can access the name glow and color by clicking on “Name Settings” and by selecting the two boxes below the text. The first box (Black) will change your text color and the second box (Orange) will change your name glow.

You will have the option as a VIP member to change the color and text color of your chat bubble by simply clicking on the “Chat Bubble” text which is to the right of “Name Settings” and to the left of “Change Nickname”. You can change the colors of your chat bubble by clicking on the two boxes below the text. The first box (Orange) will change the color of your chat bubble and the second box (Black) will change the text color of your chat bubble.

When you have the VIP upgrade, you will automatically have an igloo robot that you can customize. You will be able to name your bot, pick your bots color, add items from its head to its toes, add a pin and background, and adjust where you want your bot and what it will do as you join the room. Make sure to keep the bot’s name alpha-numeric (only use letters and numbers) and to have a valid item ID for each item (you can’t leave an item ID as the number “0” for example).

Custom background is an interesting feature for VIP members. Players are able to make their own backgrounds on CP+ by simply uploading a picture they desire to their background, though, in order for the feature to work, you must be logged into your social account. However, there is of course a limitation for the size. You can only have the picture size of 300 Kilobytes and 210 px x 210 px. If the feature did not work, make sure to clear your cache and re-log into the server if you are already logged into it while uploading your background. Upload your background here .

As you log into the server of CP+, you notice that there is an icon of a robot to the left of a user’s name that is not a user that is a robot. You will notice that there are more ranks as you click on other user’s player cards. Let me walk you through these ranks.

Administrators are the highest of the staff rank on CP+ and they manage the servers of CP+. If you see an “A” badge on a user’s player card, then that means that the users is an administrator.

Moderator Badge

Moderators are given the privilege to keep the server safe by ordering commands towards other users if they are breaking any sort of rule on the server. If you see an “M” badge on a user’s player card, then that means that the user is a moderator.

Robots are bots that will only talk if there is a staff member on the server who is telling the bot to talk by entering a certain command. Right now there are three different types of bots on the server. The first one is the bot that is in every room which is named, “Club Penguin +”, and there is two other robots on the server, one is in the coffee shop and is named “Carl” while the other robot is in the pizza shop and is named “Chef”. When you walk into any of the two rooms, the bot will talk to you.

When you see a person that has a “V” badge on the top right hand side of their player card, then that means that they are VIP. VIP member get access to cool features such as the “Customize Background” feature and plenty more that was already mentioned earlier in the post. You can pay for VIP for only seven dollars, and that seven dollars will go towards the server of Club Penguin +.

Blogger Badge

He-he, this one is my favorite. Since I am a blogger, I will receive the blogger badge on my player card. However, I can’t just log into the server and expect the staff members to hand me the badge, I need to prove that I am an actual blogger on a real website such as CPPSHQ. Bloggers will have access to the VIP features; however, this is a privilege. Like I said a few sentences back, you have to prove that you are a blogger and that you will make a post about the game.

There aren’t that many commands on CP+, but that is because most of the features in the game are used without commands. However, there are still three commands that you can use.

The “!AI ” command is used for adding items into your inventory. You must, however, enter an item ID. If you don’t know any item ID’s, then I would suggest that you go to this link here .

The “!JR ” command is used for joining a room. You must, however, enter an item ID (for example. JR 100 will teleport you to the town).

The “!UP ” command is used for updating items. You can add multiple items with this command, though you will need to know how to use the command first. The head, face, neck, body, and feet all have different letters that you must enter when entering the command. This is in order and is from the wiki of CP+:  c = color, h = head, f = face, n = neck, b = body, a = hands, e = feet, l (lowercase L) = pin, and p = photo. Now, if you wanted to add multiple items to the neck for example and you already have a neck item,  you can still add another by simply typing in the command, “!UP a 169” which is called the “Green Scarf” will go over your item that you were wearing before that.

Flippr’s August Update

Hi there everyone! Okay, so Flippr has been going through changes as of late, especially with the new AS3 Beta that occurred last month on Flippr. In this post, you will be informed about what’s new on Flippr and what has happened since the last months updates on Flippr. First off, I’ll explain to all of you what had happened after the AS3 beta party, and then I’ll explain what happened the week after the AS3 Party, and then I’ll tell you everything about the Ninja Party!

It has been over a month since Flippr has opened in AS3, and now with the beta over, Flippr is back to it’s old self, hosting parties and fun activities, though with a few changes to add to the mix such as some mini parties across the island, and adoptable custom puffles. Along with the new updates, most of the bugs have been fixed on Flippr, and Flippr’s domain has been changed to, so make sure to use “.in” instead of “.pw”. 

This is what the mascot looks like in-game, click on the character and claim the mystery background.

However, in the past week during AS3 Beta, a new mascot was released on Flippr. It’s hairy and it’s friendly, and while some call it Bigfoot, we call it Sasquatch! Make sure to get his autograph the next time you see him.

Every puffle is unique, they have their own personality, their own color, and their own look, and so our custom puffles on Flippr have the same uniqueness. We have four different Puffles that you can interact with such as the Jungle Puffle, Ice Puffle, Magenta Puffle, and Silver Puffle. All four of these puffles have different tricks that they perform to you and other interesting interactions.

Next, we have the mini parties that are scattered across the island. First we have the Beta Party Central in the Town, Beat the Heat Week at the Ski Village, Mini Puffle Party at The Plaza, Snowball fight at the Beach, Go Kart Races at the Forest, Funny Hat Week in the Snow Forts, and the Pizza Party at the Cove!

August 18th, 2014

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I have important news about this weeks update. A new installation of the Jet Pack Advent has been installed into Flippr, and the new game is called “Skyline Adventure”. The game currently has only one level, however, there will be more levels added to the new game in the upcoming weeks. Skyline Adventure allows you to choose between three characters, Jet Pack Guy, Gary, Rookie, and two other secret playable characters that can only be played by clicking a certain mountaintop three times.

Start screen for the new game “Skyline Adventure” which is located at the Beach at the top of the Lighthouse. Play as “Jet Pack Guy”, “Rookie”, “Gary”, and two other secret playable characters that are located on the start screen.

Collect as many coins as you can get and don’t run out of fuel or else the game is over! (Level 1 is the only level that is available right now on Flippr. More levels will be added in the next few weeks)

Sensei is featured in Flippr’s newspaper this week, talking about Tusk and the elements.

August 24th, 2014

It has been anticipated on Flippr for a while now and it has finally been released, and what I am talking about is the new Ninja Party that is being hosted on Flippr as of right now until September 7th, 2014. The island has been split up into three parts: The snow governs the north, fire rules the east, and the water dominates the west, and the elements have made the center of the island uneven. In order to gain access into the Shadow Dojo, you must master all of the three elements, Snow, Fire, and Water in order to continue. There will be three items for every element, so make sure you have all of them.

Once you are outside of the Dojo, you will be given the Fire, Water, and Snow deck of cards and after you receive the deck of cards, you can enter the Dojo and talk to Sensei and answer the riddles. Second, you must meet Sensei at the Volcano, Waterfall, and Avalanche. After you have done the first steps, you can then enter the Shadow Dojo and help either Sensei or Tusk.

Okay so there are three steps in order to enter the Shadow Dojo, the first step is to meet Sensei at the Dojo. Now in order to open up your map, you must hover over “Menu” on the very top of the screen, and select “Map”. Once you have your map open, click on “The Dojo Courtyard” and you will be given the Fire, Water, and Snow deck of cards and after you receive the deck of cards, you can enter the Dojo and talk to Sensei and answer the first riddle.

After you have solved the riddle in the Dojo, you must then go to the Volcano, which is the Fire Dojo. Solve the riddle and continue to the next dojo, which is the Water Dojo.  The riddle is, “No legs have I to dance, No lungs have I to breathe, No life have I to live or die And yet I do all three. What am I?”

Once you have completed the riddle for the Volcano, you will now have to solve the riddle in the Waterfall. The riddle is, “What runs and has no feet, roars but has no mouth?”

You are now in the Avalanche where it is cold, oh so very cold, but you are use to it anyways. You will now have to solve this riddle, “I am constantly moving yet I am impossible to move. What am I?”

When you think about it, the answers are quite simple, however, the question is what gets you going. I will not give out any of the answers to any of the riddles, though you can ask others that may know the answer around you while you are trying to solve the riddle, but you already know that. You have answered all of the riddles correctly, and you can now enter the Shadow Dojo.

Finally, after solving riddles all day and receiving all of the clothing items from each element, it has finally come down to this, the showdown of Sense and Tusk. Choose either the Shadow side or the Light side.

The ninja party was quite impressive in my opinion, the riddles were fun to solve, and the showdown was pretty cool. This is not the last of the post, I still have more to add to it than just the ninja party, I have to tell all of you about the new interface and the two new species that was just recently added!

Notice the “Menu” on the top of the screen? All you have to do is hover over the “Menu”, and it will show the Map, New, Mail, and Moderator Badge. Check out the picture below for a more information.

This is what the menu will look like when you hover over it.

Here’s a look at the new settings! It’s nice, informative, and there are two new species added.

Frostbite is the name of one of the new species that has arrived on Flippr. Try dancing or waving while playing this interesting specie.

Fireburn is the name of the second species that arrived on Flippr. Try dancing or waving with this new playable character on Flippr because it just might do something special for you!

Click the picture above to donate to the ALSA foundation.

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