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How do you figure capital gains tax

how do you figure capital gains tax

Capital Gains Tax Rates – State by State – Updated 12/12

One of the “unknowns” in the real estate investing world is the topic of caital gains… in particular… the capital gains tax rates that you and are are subject to.

Truthfully… I’m not sure why I didn’t write a post about this earlier… afterall, I come from the world of tax planning and am the VP of a company who helps sellers of highly appreciated assets defer capital gains taxes .

One huge question that I field from sellers everyday both on this website and at the tax planning firm is, “What are the capital gains tax rates?”… “What will I owe in capital gains taxes?”

The second question is a bit tougher to answer without knowing specificis (I can go over specifics if you want me to… let me know in

the comments area), but the first question is pretty simple.

Here we go… to make it simple to read, I’ll just post a chart or two below and get out of your way.

Keep in mind that with the new Democratic Congress, it is likely that capital gains tax rates will rise above the current 15% federal rate.  So the rates below are as of today.

Something my lawyers make me say:

The information on this page is not meant to be tax advice nor should it be taken as gospel.  Consult your own tax advisor about your specific situation.  The numbers below are accurate to our knowledge, but hey… we do make mistakes.  Check with your tax advisor about the actual capital gains tax rate applicable to your situation.


Federal Capital Gains Tax Rates – As of December 2012

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