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How do you get a penalty shot in hockey

Delay Of Game

Minor penalty.

1) Shall be imposed on a Player who delays the game by deliberately shooting or batting the puck outside the playing area or by deliberately displacing the goals from there normal position. A Penalty Shot shall be awarded to the opposing team if on a breakaway scoring opportunity the goals are deliberately displaced by a Player.

2) Shall be imposed on a Player, except the Goalie, who does not immediately drop a broken stick. A Player whose stick is broken may participate in the game provided they immediately drop the stick. A Player may not receive a stick thrown on the floor but must obtain one from the player bench. A Goalie may continue to play with the paddle portion of a broken stick until a stoppage of play.

3) Shall be imposed on any Player, other than the Goalie, who deliberately falls on

the puck or gathers a puck to the body. A Penalty shall be imposed on a Goalie who deliberately falls on a puck, or gathers it into the body, when entirely outside the boundaries of the goal crease area.

4) Shall be imposed if a Player, except the goalie, closes their hand intentionally on the puck. If a Player picks up the puck in the goal crease, a Penalty Shot shall be awarded to the non-offending team. A player is permitted to 'bat' the puck in the air with the open hand or push it along the floor unless, in the opinion of the Referee, it was deliberately directed to a team mate, in which case play shall be stopped and the puck faced-off at the spot where the offense occurred.

Referee signal: The non-whistle hand, palm open, is placed across the chest and then fully extended directly in front of the body.

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