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Puffles are small furry pets native to Club Penguin Island. Puffles were first discovered in November 2005, and were first adoptable in March 2006, being sold for 800 coins. which has since been reduced to 400 coins. Puffles are small, limbless creatures who eat Puffle-O's and other foods native to Club Penguin.

Over the years, twenty additional species of puffle (including real-world animal counterparts) were officially recognized and discovered. Of fourteen, ten are permanently adoptable for members. two Puffle Creatures are permanently adoptable at the pet shop, two are adoptable for non-members. and six were temporarily adoptable at Prehistoric Party 2014. The Rainbow Puffle and Gold Puffle are adoptable via quests starting at the Puffle Hotel Lobby and Pet Shop. respectively.

There are Puffle Parties that have been held in either February, March, or April since 2009. Each puffle has their own special area (during the Puffle Parties) and, sometimes, there are discoveries of new species.



Physical Appearance

Puffles originally appeared with rough cut fur and generic facial expressions. They have eyes and a mouth, but do not have noses. In 2011, they were updated with a new look both in-game and on the Puffle Card. In 2013, the puffles were shown in a somewhat mix of their original artwork and the 2011 artwork (when coming out of animations they may also flash back into their original artwork).


Not much is known about puffle language. Their main sound is squeaking, as seen (heard) in Puffle Roundup and by mousing over the puffles in Aunt Arctic 's igloo in Secret Mission 1. Puffles also seem to be able to communicate with each other in some way because in many secret agent missions and/or EPF missions, puffles work together without making any sounds. In the book The Great Puffle Switch . it is revealed that puffles can speak to each other without penguins understanding. It is also mentioned by Aunt Arctic in the newspaper that she had been trying to figure out the puffle language and that Rockhopper can communicate with Yarr since they know each other well.

Species Abilities

All puffles have special abilities, mainly involving telekinesis. Each species can summon a toy at will from mid-air. All puffles can summon hair brushes, bath tubs, and some puffles can summon color specific objects like a sleeping mask. Puffles also have a keen sense of treasure hunting and can also perform tricks.


Members can adopt up to 75 puffles, with no limit on the quantity of each colouration, while non-members can only buy up to 2 puffles of either red or blue. Former members keep their extra puffles. Puffles are currently the only type of pets penguins can own.


When a player clicks on a puffle, a full screen menu shows up with five different tabs. Each tab has corresponding options for the type of care. The options are as follows:

  • Food: This tab has options for you to feed your puffles. Food that appears on this menu can be bought in the Pet Shop or from the interface. Most of the time, puffles will jump up and down for a food they like. If they don't jump up and down at all, then they don't like the food. The best way to feed a puffle is feeding him one apple whenever the food bar is at a one-half point and 2 Puffle O's when it’s empty.

  • Toys: The toys tab shows a ribbon of the basic toys for all the puffle colors you have. Additional, special, toys can be bought in the Pet Shop. A puffle only plays with its own toys (example: A red puffle will only play with bowling pins and cannons. It will not play with the white puffle 's skates, the brown puffle 's plane, etc.). Puffle Furniture does not show up on this list, but it may in the future.
  • Care: The tab shows the basic care options for your pet. Here you can give your pet a bath and brush their hair. The bath and brush features will appear in the interface.
  • Rest Tab: The rest tab only shows the Sleep feature. The feature will appear outside the interface.
  • Dress Tab: This tab allows the penguin to put hats on puffles. You could buy the hats in the catalog or use codes to unlock them. All Puffle Creatures cannot wear hats.
  • Pet Papers: Although not a tab, the puffle menu shows Pet Papers. Here, you can see your certificate of ownership, tips for Puffle Digging. or send your puffle back to its natural habitat.
  • Walk Tab: Since puffles could dig up food, this tab was created. It appears at the left side of the interface and has a picture of a puffle on a leash.
  • Puffle Handbook: Although not a tab, the puffle handbook tells you how to care for your puffles, information on the puffle color, and tells you about their features. This handbook is also at the Pet Shop.
  • Not Caring: If you don't care for your puffle, it will run away. When it runs away it sends you a postcard to tell you.
  • If you make all the bars full then your puffle will do a special action.

In-Game Care

When a player clicks a puffle in their own igloo, a little menu appears. You can see the tabs of your puffle and choose from 3 tabs. Here you can choose:

  • Walk Tab: Here you can walk your puffle. This tab can be used at the backyard and igloos .
  • Care Tab: Here you open the Puffle Interface. This tab is only used in the igloo .
  • Move to Igloo/Backyard Tab: Here you can move puffles to your backyard or igloo. The tab can be used in the backyard and igloos .

Types of Puffles

All puffles cost 400 coins to adopt (formerly 800), except in the case of the Rainbow and Gold puffles, and most Puffle Creatures. The Blue and Red Puffles are the only puffles that are available to both non-members and members. Every puffle other than the blue and red ones require a membership to purchase. If a toy puffle is bought at a real store, one can unlock a member puffle. If a penguin was a member and had a Member Puffle, and his/her membership expires, the penguin will still have the member only puffles. Each puffle has a different personality and style so players can find the one that fits them best. These are all the puffles that have been permanently or temporarily adoptable in order of discovery dates.

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