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How do you get free coins on meez

how do you get free coins on meez

How to get Free Meez Coinz (:

Well basically i keep getting asked by people if i can get them coinz ( i say no of course ) or they ask me how they get coinz.

Im sorry if this has already been posted, i don't mean to copy but its actually getting annoying after a while..

This is how :


Some games come with awards that give you Free Coinz.

Also the Daily Trivia gives you a certain amount of Coinz for each correct answer. Remember you can only play the Trivia ONCE a day.

Surveys And Offers:

To get to them Click on the Add Coinz and Cash button at the top of the page.

These can give you from 25 - Thousands of coinz.

The coinz can take minutes, hours or even days to appear on your account. If they havent appeared after the said time, there is a link you can click on which says Missing Coinz?

If you are disqualified from a survey/offer then you will recieve 25 coinz.

You must complete each survey/offer for the coinz to be rewarded.
  • Some offers/surveys are free which means no payment is required AT ALL.
  • Some offers/surveys are for Mobiles. These usually ask you to subscribe to something and usually charge you. If you are going to do a mobile survey/offer then make sure you have permission.
  • Some offers/surveys require you to purchase something online or post a deposit for something. Remember that you have to have permission to post details like a Credit Card number online if you are under the age of 18 .
  • Some require you to watch a short video which gives you a small amount of coinz.
Daily Boost:

Every time you log into meez each day there is a

green logo which says Daily Boost.

If you click this Meez will give you a small amount of coinz.

Remember, you can only collect your daily boost ONCE a day.

If you do not log in for a few days, the daily boost will not be carried over to the next time you log in.

If you do not see the Daily Boost button then you probably havent waited a whole day to collect the next amount of coinz.

Meez Codes:

If you have subscribed to the Meez Newsletter you will recieve a code every issue.

This code gives you 250 coinz.

To use this code, Click on the My Account button at the top of the page and then type the code in the white box.


There is a way to get coinz in rostabout midway ( sorry if its spelled wrong but you will know what i mean )

This is in the Carnival in Meez Hills.

Playing the Spin The Wheel game can give you up to 100 coinz.

Meez Toolbar:

If you download the toolbar you will get 25 coinz daily.

Just lik the Daily Boost you will have to wait a whole day before you can recieve the free coinz again.


Sometimes Meez hosts Official Contests.

The prizes can be coinz. vip and your design used on the website.

Click this link to find out more information about Contests >

Never download a meez coin hack. YOU WILL get found out and end up banned for violating the terms of service.

I Think thats all. I will update this when I find out some more ways of getting free Coinz.

Once again Im sorry if this has been posted before.

Hope this was at least somewhat helpful

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