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Prayer level-up jingle

Prayer is a skill which grants the player specialised buffs in combat by evoking the power of certain RuneScape gods. All players start with limited access to the Prayer skill. As one's Prayer level increases, they gain access to new prayers. As players traverse the land and complete many adventures, they find themselves presented with the opportunity to gain the prayers and blessings of various gods such as Zaros. who is related to RuneScape's deep past, and Saradomin. the god of order. Some of the strongest prayers are only available after doing certain member quests or activities. Prayer is currently one of the quickest skills to achieve skill mastery in, as it could take just a few days to reach level 99, using the appropriate bones and methods.

The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 1,236,305) on the hiscores for Prayer is level 15. As of 26 August 2015, there are 111,860 current members that have achieved level 99 in Prayer. There are 817 current members that have achieved level 120 in Prayer.

The main free-to-play ways to train prayer are to bury certain types of bones and scatter demonic ashes. While for players that are members, using bones or ashes on a gilded altar in a player-owned house 's Chapel. For rich members, frost bones are a quick and easy

way to level 99 Prayer, while semi-prosperous players resort to dragon bones (though it's not much slower). Bones can be obtained by killing various creatures, by taking bone drops that other players leave behind, or by collecting the bones that spawn in various places, such as in parts of the Edgeville Dungeon or at the Chaos Temple in the southern Wilderness. Demon ashes can be obtained by killing demons or by taking demon ashes drops that other players leave behind. Prayer is difficult to train in free-to-play, because the most amount of experience granted in free-to-play that is a renewable source comes from big bones. which give only 15 experience.

According to Zamorak. [1] the God of Order deals with prayers, "so that when you give the dead an honourable burial in his name it strengthens the bond between you, allowing him to help you out in little ways that others such as Guthix won't notice." Yauchomi. the old Lumbridge Prayer Tutor. stated that burying bones raised the player's Prayer level by increasing their 'holy energies'.

Prayer, unlike most skills that are directly related to their name, cannot be trained just through the act of "praying." In fact, Prayer almost completely relies on the act of burying bones to gain experience (there are certain ways to gain Prayer experience without burying bones, but those are covered later throughout this article).

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