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How do you spell installment

how do you spell installment

Things You'll Need

Square of red cloth ½ cup sea salt 4 white candles, approximately 4 inches tall White clothing White rose petals Thorn from a white rose bush Vanilla incense Red ribbon Matches


Find a comfortable, quiet place. Bring your spell materials here and take a seat. Meditate in this spot for at least 20 minutes. Repeat this every day for 3 days. This is where you will cast your spell.

Build a small altar in your spell casting area and cover it with a red cloth. Decorate it with things that are important to you in your love life. Continue to meditate, positioned so the altar is in clear view, until a Friday night with a full moon or new moon arrives.

Draw a bath and add ½ cup of sea salt to the water. While you are pouring the salt in, say "Negativity wash away. I will be renewed today. So much love will come my way. Those I want will choose to stay." Light 3 white candles near the tub and bathe, focusing on how beautiful you are. Wash your entire body. If you don't have a bathtub, wrap the salt in a cloth

and bathe with it. When you are finished with the bath, dress yourself all in white.

Light vanilla incense and place it by the window closest to the spell casting area. Take a handful of white rose petals and sprinkle them around the altar. Take a thorn from a white rose bush and carve the following words into a white pillar candle three times, "All my love. Come to me."

Position the candle with the message in the center of the altar and fashion a heart shape from red ribbon around it. Light the candle. While the candle burns, think of your intended. Imagine your "target" standing before you in all his naked glory. If you have no specific person in mind, think about what you want in a partner. You must watch the candle the entire time it is burning.

As the candle nears the end of its wick, say the following:

"By the posts upon my bed

I am the one who turns your head

By my loins and by my thighs

I am the one who draws your eyes

My candle burning bright and true

I cause you to look at me

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