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Guys. what does it feel like to be inside a woman?

how does a penis feel inside a vagina

LOL, you mean besides GREAT?

It is a difficult question. The penis is not the best instrument for doing sensitive feeling work.

It is great at sensing heat. It is also very sensitive to pressure. The rim of the head is very sensitive to friction.

So, when entering a woman, the heat of her vagina is pretty overwhelming to the penis. It just sends it into overdrive and sends these hot pleasure signals on to the brain.

Then there is the pressure on the head of the penis when entering a vagina. The penis head is compressed by the tightness of the vagina and the penis finds this very erotic. Again it sends the pleasure on to the brain.

But then the sensors in the rim of the penis head start sending back this enormously pleasurable feeling of being shoved into this hot tight place, and then pulled back out, causing more and different pleasure along the head.

Of course a guy can only enter a woman once, so the the initial feelings fade and the friction on the head and the shaft take over.

But since this all goes to the brain, the brain is the real sex organ. Just knowing that these pleasure signals are because the body is sticking the penis into a woman is pretty erotic and enhances the feeling.

But overall, there is nothing to compare the feeling too. If it were able to be duplicated anywhere, guys would be lining up and paying for it. It just is this overwhelming, comfortable, pleasurable, wonderful feeling like your penis is "home" where it belongs, and your only regret is that you don't have more penis to put in there and make the feeling better.

did I mention it feels great?

- Response by welloone. A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 66 or older, Retired

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