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How much of mortgage payment is interest

how much of mortgage payment is interest

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Ways to get mortgage help in 5 different financial scenarios

Choosing right home loan program is very crucial. If you are currently on home shopping or willing to replace the existing loan with a new one, you have to fix your mind on a particular program. Whatever be your financial situation, you have to first analyze your individual case and select the best one from different types of home mortgages. Get proper advice to make the right choice and to own your dream home.

If you are planning to buy a home, then you have around 15 loan programs based on fixed rate mortgage (FRM) or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). If you have bad credit history, even then you some options open, such as bad credit mortgage loans. Before selecting your option, you need to check the following factors.

If you are facing tough times in repaying your home loan and if you want to replace the existing loan with a new one, then one option available to you is refinance. It offers you a loan with more suitable terms.

If you are struggling to manage your mortgage payments and are afraid of losing your home, then the ideal mortgage advice for you would be loan modification. This helps you avoid the serious consequences of foreclosures. It modifies the loan in your favor. Here are major benefits of this program

  • Helps avoid foreclosure
  • Makes payment affordable
  • Converts ARM to FRM & vice-versa
  • If you have already taken a home loan and have built

    up equity in it

    • A. Home equity loan: Cash in on equity

      If you have accumulated substantial equity (represents an ownership interest) in your home, then you can utilize your equity to obtain a home equity loan (HEL). This kind of second mortgage loan is offered to you against your home equity. Generally, these are loans with fixed rate of interest for long time period. For qualification to HEL, factors considered by the lender include

      • Credit history
      • Debt to income ratio
      • Loan to value ratio

      If you have adequate home equity, you can use that for taking out a home equity line of credit (HELOC) too. This kind of loan is usually short term in nature and has some similarities with credit cards. Its benefits are

      • No down payment required
      • Rate of interest is lower than unsecured loans
      • Helps you meet short term goals
  • If you are a senior citizen and own a home as primary residence
    • Reverse mortgage: A good choice for the seniors

      If you are a senior citizen and possess substantial equity in your home, a good choice for you would be a reverse mortgage loan. In conventional loans, you have to make monthly payments whereas in this type of loan, you don't have any obligation to make payments to the lender. Its important characteristics are

      • Insured by the Federal Government
      • Helps retain full ownership of your home
      • Credit score does not matter much
  • If you have been in foreclosure but willing to take out a home loan
    • Mortgage after foreclosure: Secrets to qualify

      If you've been in foreclosure, your credit score must have been very low. This is the time when you need to reorganize your finances and make yourself eligible for a new loan. Here are the secrets to qualify.

      • Prepare a budget
      • Improve your credit situation
      • Check your affordability
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