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How does directv on demand work

how does directv on demand work

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06-22-2009 | Posts: 4,328

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So I was trying to download a movie with two symbols indicating it was a 24 hour special and that you could watch now. The problem was, I wanted to download it to be ready for when my wife was ready to watch. But the only choices were "watch now" and "done". Well, I hit the "watch now" button, even though I wanted to save it for later. It started, so I just changed channels and went back to what I was watching. When we were ready I looked for it but it never showed up in the menu for stored programs, so I said ". it" and "bought" it again. But this time, it just started and we watched it. But I didn't have to confirm the charge this time (no charge info showed up, it just started from the pause point where I

left it).

So I guess what I learned is that if a show is on the "watch now" list, I don't have to download it and save it for later. It's apparently broadband enough (even at 1080P) to let me start watching immediately. So assuming it is on the "on demand" menu, I just start it up whenever I'm ready.

I hadn't heard about this. Is there anything else I should know? Have I got it figured out?

Just found these statements on the DirecTV forum: "Directv downloads select programming for instant viewing in order to counter the complaint regarding waiting for downloads. They are earmerked "watch now"." and also "The 1080p movies available instantly in the DVR now playing section are available to all HD DVR users, not just On Demand users. The are downloaded via satellite to all users."

Is that right? There are a ton of "Watch Now" options on my receiver, does that mean it is eating hard drive all the time without my request?

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