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510 Dish on Demand: How does it work?

how does dish on demand work

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Hello, there. My 510 now has an annoying new featureish on demand ( a more expensive pay-per-view that forces me to hit extra buttons to get to my pvr menu). Forgive me if this has all been covered on another post, but i have had no luck finding one.

I do not use ppv, never have, never will. I do not hook a phone line up to my receiver (i am cell-phone only). In short, this feature is kind of silly. I doubt anything is for widescreen tvs, you cannot record it, and you have it for only 24 hours. Wow. That's so retro. perhaps they'll start making dvrs that work on vhs tapes next.


My main worry is, even though my menu says i have blah blah hours recording time left, is my dvr wasting space by holding these things in some sort of cache? And if not, are they wasting bandwidth streaming these movies to every single box that orders a movie?

2. is there a way to remove this "upgrade"? (name-based recording would be better, and no the #button is a lame excuse seeing as i pay a fee. There should be substance with the fee, not something i can get from a pc software program).

3. Why is there a tvguide logo on my program guide now? I can't seem to recall ever seeing one before.

Thank you in advance, for answers to these questions.

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