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What does it cost to trade on eBay? Is there a catch?

how does ebay earn money

By Aron Hsiao. eBay Expert

Aron Hsiao is a former eBay employee and a longtime eBay buyer and seller. A computing and technology expert and six-time author, Aron joined eBay in 2000 and continues to sell on eBay today. Through thousands of transactions Aron continues to maintain a perfect feedback score and profile; he has never received a negative rating.

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Question: What does it cost to trade on eBay? Is there a catch?

Answer: It’s a common misconception that trading on eBay involves complicated surcharges or membership fees that actually make eBay trading a worse deal than its members think they’re getting.

While there are some costs involved in trading on eBay, they’re not what many non-eBayers assume them to be.

For Prospective Shoppers/Buyers

If your desire is to shop and buy things on eBay, eBay charges you nothing .

That’s right, nothing. You join eBay for free. find things that you want to buy, purchase them at the stated price (even if you’re bidding on auction listings. rather than on the more “regular” Buy It Now listings), pay for them using PayPal. and your item is delivered to your door. Just follow your nose through the eBay shopping and buying process. which is very similar to the typical process that happens on many ecommerce sites around the Internet.

There are no hidden charges, though you should make sure to take note of the shipping and handling charges stated in a listing while you’re deciding whether to buy. There is no monthly fee. There are no subscription costs, costs to join, or any other hidden costs. eBay will not charge your credit card unbeknownst to you.

“So how does eBay make money?” is the obvious follow-up question. The answer is simple: eBay charges members when they sell on eBay. The specifics of how this happens are also simpler and less costly than many imagine.

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For Prospective Sellers

If you’re thinking about selling on eBay, the picture is more complicated, though not full of “catches” and “membership fees” as many imagine it to be. There are no up-front fees to start selling; anyone can do it, and the fees are all clearly published. Here’s how sellers pay eBay:
  • There is no cost to join. Both prospective buyers and sellers can join eBay for free. and no separate, different, or “extra” membership is required to sell. Simply join eBay in the same way as everyone else; everyone has the same “kind” of eBay membership, and it costs nothing to get one. All eBay members can both buy and sell with their membership, but you’re only charged if you sell.
  • You’ll pay each time you list an item for sale. Every time you post an item for sale. eBay will charge you what is called an insertion fee. The fee involved depends on the price (or minimum starting bid) that you set for the item you’re selling. The higher your asking price, the higher the insertion fee, which is taken from eBay’s fees table. When you post an item for sale, you’ll be charged the insertion fee whether or not your item is sold—just like a classified ad in a newspaper.
  • You’ll pay to “upgrade” the appearance or visibility of your listing. As you place an item for sale, you can tell eBay to enhance your listing by adding various marketing features, things like more and bigger photos, a highlighted or bolded listing that makes yours stand out from the crowd, and so on. Most of these additional listing upgrades also incur additional fees (generally measured in cents, not dollars) that will be charged to you. Any upgrades to your listing will also be billed to you whether or not your item is sold—again, just like a classified ad in a newspaper.
  • You’ll pay eBay a final cut if/when your item sells. If your item gets sold, eBay will charge you a small cut of its sale price, called a final value fee. calculated as a percentage of what the buyer paid you for it. Once again, therefore, the size of this fee depends on the size of the sale you’ve made. If the item doesn’t sell (i.e. your listing runs its course, but no eBay shoppers buy it), you will not be charged a final value fee. You will, however, still owe eBay for the listing and any upgrades that you requested—just as is the case when you post a classified ad in a newspaper.
  • How eBay Gets Paid

    So if you’re just a shopper on eBay, you’ll never send any money eBay’s way. Instead, you’ll simply pay for the things you buy at their listed prices, using PayPal to send money directly to the seller(s) who listed the item(s) you’ve bought.

    If you’re a seller, you’ll be responsible for the fees mentioned above for any listings you post. You won’t, however, be “billed” in the mail or have to log in and “make payments” on a schedule. Instead, eBay simply keeps a running total of the fees you’ve incurred during the month, and will automatically debit this total from the credit or debit card you placed on file when you joined eBay.

    If you don’t post anything for sale during a given month, eBay won’t charge you anything for that month. You are only billed/charged when you post item(s) for sale and incur the fees described above. You can maintain an eBay membership for weeks, months, even years without paying eBay any money whatsoever. You will only pay eBay each time you post an item for sale.

    Quick Summary

    • Shoppers/buyers never pay any membership fees or surcharges to shop/buy on eBay. The listed price and shipping amount for each item is what you actually pay, and there are no other costs.
  • Sellers pay only each time they post item listing (s). There are no fees for sellers other than those directly related to each item a seller lists for sale.
  • Sellers are charged three kinds of small fees: a fee each time an item is listed for sale, optional fees to “enhance” the item listing’s appearance and appeal, and a final cut for eBay that is charged only if/when an item sells.
  • There is no “special” membership or subscription of any kind required to sell on eBay. Buyers and sellers have the same kind of membership—an eBay membership—which is billed each time that a member posts a listing and/or sells an item on eBay.
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