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How does Video On Demand (VOD) work?

how does on demand work

VOD (Video on Demand) is a customer driven video service available to GCI customers.

Just use your remote and tune to Channel 777!


It’s about time — yours! Watch what you want, when you want. Movies and other FREE shows start instantly. Use your remote to pause, rewind and fast-forward!

When you subscribe to Premium TV (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax or Starz) Video on Demand for each channel is available for FREE! Premium programming includes access to a selection of movies, documentaries, special events, and original series.

GCI Video on Demand is available in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Girdwood, Juneau, Kenai/Soldotna, Ketchikan, Kodiak,Mat-Su, Petersburg, Sitka, and Wrangell.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order VOD on GCI TV powered by TiVo? It’s as easy as pushing the TiVo button on the top of your GCI TV powered by TiVo remote. Click here for full details. What can I watch on VOD? Free TV show programming, brand new movies, older movies, events, adult programming, and as a special bonus to customers subscribing to HBO, Showtime, or Starz, hundreds of additional hours of movies and original programming is available on GCI VOD!

FREE On Demand

Alaska On Demand includes free programming in categories of local interest: Local Sports, Public Interest, & Alaska Travel.

Additional Free Programming is available to any customer that subscribes to Preferred Service or higher. Here are just a few of the channels are available from many cable networks:

  • ABC Family
  • NFL Network
  • Bravo
  • Exercise TV
  • History Channel
  • A&E
  • National Geographic

With ON DEMAND, movies are just that – available on demand. Just order a movie and enjoy it again and again during your rental period for one low price! Purchased movie options are:

  • New Release Movies – starting at $3.99/each for a 24 hour period
  • HD Movies – starting at $4.99/each for 24 hour period
  • 3 Day Movies – starting at $2.99/each for 72 hour period

Review the latest movie releases and see what is coming soon.

Why would I watch movies on here instead of renting one from Red Box? With VOD, you don’t have to go anywhere. Press 777, find your movie, press OK, and watch the movie. You get the movie for the same price but you don’t have to deal with traffic, or use gas, and you even get to keep some shows for three days! How do I navigate the menu? There are several ways to get view GCI’s Video On Demand.

  • Use the remote or TV to tune into channel


  • The Quick Menu: If you click on Menu on your remote you will see the “ON” button on the Quick Menu bar.
  • The Guide way: If you click on the Guide button twice you will see the “ON” button on the Guide bar.

After getting to the On Demand, a Welcome to On Demand screen will appear. There may be a slight delay before the Main VOD Menu is available.

From the Main VOD Menu you have the option of choosing:

  • Events. Include programming like boxing, wrestling, concerts, etc.
  • Movies: Movies that can be purchased for viewing
  • My Rentals: All of the programs that have been previously selected and still are able to be viewed
  • Free On Demand: Includes content with no additional charges
  • Premiums: Allows access to HBO, Showtime or Starz On Demand

Most importantly, after going through a menu selection you can always navigate backwards by pressing the “last” button on your remote.

My remote control has an On Demand button but it does not bring up the VOD menu. Why is that? Remotes that were distributed prior to our VOD launch in 2010 were programmed to go to the Pay-Per-View channel. You may exchange your remote for a new one at any GCI store. In the meantime, just use the number pad to enter 777. Is there a way to search through programming, like with normal cable? No, not at this time. Stay tuned though, we have requested that our VOD provider make search available. I left my movie on pause and when I came back it had switched back to normal programming and I had lost my spot. Why is that? If you pause your movie, it will stay there for 10 minutes. After that point, the movie will revert to normal programming. Access VOD and look in “My Rentals” to resume watching where you left off. I have 3 VOD capable boxes in my house. Can I access the same movie/programs on multiple boxes? Yes! Order a movie in the family room, stop it and move into the bedroom, and then resume the movie right where you stopped it. You can even watch the same movie in two separate rooms at the same time for one low price. I’m gone a lot and I don’t want my kids to use this. How do I make it so they cannot access it? Parental controls can be set up to lock channel 777. Click here for more information. Will I be able to record the On Demand content I’m watching? The movie studios do not allow recording from this format.

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