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How Much Biotin Is Safe to Take for Hair Growth?

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You might have heard about using biotin to help your hair grow fuller and longer. But perhaps you are a bit skeptical of a magical pill that can help your hair- it almost sounds too good to be true. Is it safe to take biotin for hair loss and if so, how much should you take? Biotin supplements usually come in doses of 1000 mcg or 5000 mcg and which one you should take is dependent on a few factors.

First of all, let’s talk about what biotin is and what it does. Biotin is a member of the B-vitamin family known as Vitamin B7 that helps with cell growth and blood sugar maintenance. It has been proven to help hair grow stronger and longer and it also helps strengthen your nails.

If you are wondering if biotin is safe, consider this: you already have biotin in your body! Yes, that’s right- your intestines naturally produce biotin every day and your body uses it. The problem occurs when you do not have enough of it. A lack of biotin in the body can actually cause hair loss, not only from your scalp but also eyelashes and eyebrows. Some conditions that might make your body produce less biotin than normal include extreme exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, pregnancy, lactation, seizure disorders, and old age. Not only is biotin safe, it is also natural and you already have some in your body. But like all vitamins, sometimes you need to give your body a boost.

Biotin is so safe that doctors recommend it to both children and adults who are suffering from hair

loss and other skin conditions on the scalp such as eczema and cradle cap. So how much biotin is safe to take for hair loss? Can you take too much biotin? There aren’t any known adverse reactions to taking large amounts, but use good sense. It’s not necessary to take very large amounts of biotin to have effects on your hair, mostly because your body produces some anyway, but even if you suspect you may have a biotin deficiency, you still don’t need to go overboard. If you take a multivitamin, check the label because many multivitamins contain biotin so perhaps you are already taking it.

Some people take up to 5000 mcg of biotin hair growth vitamins daily but that should really be the maximum to work up to if smaller dosages don’t work. Many people start with around 1000 mcg daily and wait about a month before deciding whether to adjust the dosage. Click to find reviews and good prices on 5000 mcg biotin and 1000 mcg biotin .It’s also better to take half in the morning and half in the evening because if you take too much, your body will simply get rid of the excess and will therefore be wasted. If you have any health conditions, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor to find out how much biotin is safe to take.

Check out our biotin reviews page to see some safe options that we recommend if you want to take biotin for hair loss.

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