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How does someone receive salvation

how does someone receive salvation


Have you ever met someone and wondered, "Is he gay?" What about a family member, and you thought, "I wonder if she is a lesbian?" I often get letters from parents, friends, family members, co-workers, even wives or husbands wondering, worrying, concerned, or just curious about someone they know, if that person might be homosexual or heterosexual, gay or lesbian.

So, here I offer a guide (in game form) to assist you in telling if "someone else" is gay, lesbian, or straight. On the next page, I offer a guide (in game form) to tell if "you" might be gay.

I hope this will assist you in knowing more about people who are gay and lesbian, and how to relate to and understand them. Feel

free to write to me if you have any questions, or need further assistance. Thanks, Ben


Read each question carefully. When you think you know the answer, hold your mouse pointer in place over the answer you think is correct, gay (homosexual) or straight (heterosexual). In a couple of seconds, the highlighted answer will appear. Now, do not cheat, and just highlight every answer. Really try. Keep track of your score (twenty questions total) for your "evaluation" at the end of the game. For Those Whose Highlight Function Will Not Work, Answers May Be Found At The End Of The Test.

01. Your new male co-worker comes to work almost each day wearing a nice tie, pants, and a long-sleeve pink dress shirt. Pink? He obviously is.

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