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How does workman compensation work

how does workman compensation work

Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions.

The following are some common questions that we receive relative to Workers Compensation benefits along with some brief answers. None of these answers should be construed as legal advice on any particular situation. Each situation is different and requires specific analysis by an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney. This FAQ is intended only to provide general information. Please consult an attorney regarding your specific circumstances.

How To Obtain Your Free Consultation and Case Assessment Just call our offices or send us an Email to set up your free consultation. You can always contact us directly at the contact information appearing on this website.

It is Critical to Find an Attorney Who is Experienced in Wisconsin Workers Compensation. Worker's compensation cases are governed by laws and procedures different from those applied in other types of injury claims. If you are injured at work, an attorney experience with worker's compensation law can advise you and help you get the best settlement or award.

Get Legal Advice Before Quitting Your Job. Quitting your job while a worker's compensation case is pending or denied is almost always a bad idea in Wisconsin. If you are in a bad situation at work, talk to a

workers compensation lawyer right away.

If Your Claim is Denied. If your claim is denied, your case is NOT OVER. An attorney can file an appeal and pursue the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Settlements. An experienced workers compensation attorney can prepare your case to get you the best settlement offer. Your attorney can also advise you as to the pro's and con's of settling your case instead of going to court. An attorney experienced in workers comp cases can obtain the best results for you either way. Insurance companies unfortunately rarely make good settlement offers to unrepresented persons.

Make Sure You Claim All the Benefits to which You Are Entitled. There are many types of Worker's Compensation Benefits you can obtain depending on your case. Depending on the type of injury and disability you have, a lawyer can claim benefits for lost time, medical expenses, permanent disability, loss of earnings in the future, and other benefits.

Insurance Companies Can Be Sued for Bad Faith in Worker's Compensation. If the insurance company fails to pay you the benefits you are entitled due to malice or bad faith, you may be able to claim double damages up to an additional $30,000.00 per occurrence.

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